On the night before my wedding, I was so nervous and full of joy. I was humming while I stared at my dress and brushed my hair. Doves flew around me singing along with me.


The night before my wedding was full of screaming, alcohol (although not as much as you would think), swearing and most of all…Dutch Blitz.

My maid of honour, Melissa, suggested we have a mini bachelorette party since my other bridesmaid (and cousin) Kristen, couldn’t come to my actual bachelorette party. We bought lots of chocolate, popcorn and a bottle of wine and decided to play board games.

Callie (my third bridesmaid) suggested we play Dutch Blitz.



Looks Lame.


The rest of us were unsure if we wanted to play it. It looks like a children’s card game. Which it kind of is.

Except that by the time you understand the game fully, you want to rip off everyone’s heads that got in your way of putting that last card down before you blitzed.

It becomes a war.

Society parishes because of this game.

I wanted to kick all of my bridesmaids out of my wedding party and out of the country.

But it is SO MUCH FUN.

It’s also addictive. My bridesmaids brought it with us to the reception just in case there was time to play it, and they almost did! (Until I told them to get their ass’s in the car so we could take some pictures… ah, the power of being a bride.)

I played it every night with my husband and cousin while she was staying with us.

Just to show you how high and emotional this game is, here is a video of me winning for the first time one night while playing with Matt and Kristen. (My husband is very competitive and doesn’t let anyone win if he can help it. Not even children. Not even me. Not once. So I think my reaction is understandable.)


As you can see, it’s a pretty intense game.

But it’s AWESOME!





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