My Bridesmaid Dresses

I had a lot of people ask where I got my bridesmaids dresses, so here’s the story!


Bridesmaid dresses. They’re awful right? Whenever you’re asked to be a bridesmaid your first initial thought is “Oh my God, I’d love to be your bridesmaid!” (Imagine that in the high squeaky voice we all hate admitting that we do.)

But then you realize…

“I’m going to have to wear a bridesmaid dress. I’ll have to pay $200 for an ugly-looking dress that I will stuff in the back of my closet or burn.

Now, you have to believe me. I was more of a bridezilla about picking my bridesmaid dresses than anything else on the wedding. (Including picking my own dress.)

Ask my bridesmaids if you don’t believe me! Melissa and Callie went shopping with me and tried on just as many dresses as I did and I hated them all. (Not the ones I was trying on though, I loved all the wedding dresses!)

There was honestly nothing that I liked in all of Calgary. They were either not the right colour, not the right fit, or were just plain gross.

And I wanted to be a bride that picked out the best dresses for my bridesmaids. I wanted us to look hot. I wanted them to wear it again! (Because paying $200 for a dress you wear once is crazy… I say that as I’m looking at my $1300 wedding dress… oops!)

Finding the right dresses for my girls was a struggle. But then the heavens opened up and angels sang.

I found a website with the perfect dresses.

Now I know, I know. “Don’t buy dresses online! They won’t come in on time! Or they’ll be nothing like what you expected!”

But I gave it a try anyways.

I went to the Kennedy Blue site and found exactly what I was looking for. They had tons of different styles and best of all, you could pick dresses with the same colour and fabric but with different necklines.

So they look like a cohesive group but be unique! (Which is really what my girls are. They are SO different but got along like gangbusters.)


It took 4 months for them to come in, so make sure you time it out right, but seriously people… THESE DRESSES ARE AWESOME!

My cousin literally tossed hers into the bottom of her purse before her 6 hour flight to Calgary and when we took it out? No wrinkles or creases. It was perfect.

Not to mention they’re so light and figure flattering. I want one. (No lie.)

So, be kind to your bridesmaids. Get them nice dresses. Regardless of where you get them, take their opinion into consideration! (But not too much of course… it is still your wedding.) But wouldn’t you rather have pictures of you all looking fantastic together than them looking…not so fantastic?

I mean look at us:


That is one good-looking group.


  1. Hi Cassie! Thank you so much for writing such an awesome blog about Kennedy Blue! I’m so honored that we could be a part of your wedding day and you and your ‘maids look absolutely stunning!

    I’m the marketing specialist for KB and would love the possibility of using your images for our social media pages. Feel free to shoot me an email if this is something you’d be interested in. I’d love to connect!

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