Cooking with Cassie – Wrinkly Stuffed Bell Peppers

Alright people.

It’s hot in the city of Toronto. We have been gong through a heat wave so it has been very tempting to just eat out every night and hide in bath full of ice for the rest of the day.

So I will be cooking in my sports bra and shorts today again and I have hooked up the fan on a stool so it will be blowing beautiful air at me the entire time.

We really need to get our AC fixed.

Today I decided to do a stuffed bell pepper recipe I found on Pinterest. (Ahhh Pinterest… what would we do without you?)

You can find the link to the recipe here. It is in another blog and you have to scroll through her pictures and story to get to the recipe but it’s worth a read! Very cute kids.

I’m doubling the recipe because we have to feed Matt and I for the week and if you know Matt, he eats a lot. (6 feet, 4 inches with zero fat on him. And he’s a cook… WHAT IS HIS SECRET???)

Preheat the oven to 350. I really didn’t think this through. it is going to get even hotter in here. I think I might need a cold drink to get me through this. (Not alcohol of course… could you imagine me cooking while intoxicated?? Scary.)

So I put parchment paper on a pan and now it’s flying around the kitchen because of my glorious fan. I’ll have to put my water bottle on it so it doesn’t fly away and I give up on this whole escapade.


Yes that is a Captain America water bottle. I love him (Sorry Matt)



… I have to confess something.

Matt is here.

He is playing video games and I told him not to help me.

But I’m doubling the recipe and it calls for 3 cups of quinoa so I have to do 6 cups right? So that means 12 cups of water? That’s a lot of water! (It’s a good thing I asked because I thought it was 2 cups of quinoa for every 1 cups of water… that would have been a burnt disaster.)

I have also been told that this:


Is for “dry” ingredients and this:


Is for liquid ingredients.

I don’t really see a difference but let’s continue.

I am putting all of this (plus the quinoa) in the peppers:


Not the bowl obviously… it wouldn’t fit. And it’s metal. We shouldn’t eat metal.


This is probably the most ingredients I’ve ever used. Kraft Dinner only needs one extra ingredient that doesn’t already come inside the box! And sometimes I don’t even add that.


Guys, look how well my dicing of the tomato is going!



Aaaaand I messed it up. Now I’ll have to cut all of them secretly to make them smaller.


And I also overestimated how much tomato one cup is. I have all of this leftover…


Tomato sandwiches tomorrow it is!


So getting the spices in were a little hard. Trying to shake it out onto a little teaspoon was not easy and now my sink is covered in cumin, garlic powder, onion powder and sooooo much chilli powder.

I decided to use my marble cheddar cheese and havarti cheese instead of the feta and pepper jack. I don’t want a tonne of cheese in my fridge. And I didn’t really feel like measuring out the shredded cheese so I just eyeballed it. (Matt hates it when I do that but what he doesn’t know won’t kill him. Unless he ever reads these, which he hasn’t yet. 🙁 )

Shredding havarti is not easy.



It’s all squishy :S

Guys, I screwed up the quinoa. We don’t have 6 cups of quinoa. We only have 5. And I put them into the water before realizing this.

I asked Matt what I should do. His advice?

“There’s nothing you can do about it now!” And continues to play his Marvel Lego video games. He didn’t even look at me.



The water for the quinoa also took really long to boil because I didn’t set the stove to the “full burner”


So now I wait.

So far, my bowl of food looks like this:


I didn’t put the cilantro in because it doesn’t really agree with me and I didn’t add the can of green chills because… what are those anyways? I walked around the whole grocery store and couldn’t find them.

Ah well.


I almost forgot them!

I have to cut off the top and clean the inside and that took FOREVER. 12 peppers? And those stupid little seeds? I left a lot of them… Never again.

So as I’m looking at my finished quinoa, I’m a little troubled. There is a lot of it.

I mean, a lot.



That is a sh*t tonne of quinoa.

So I looked back at the recipe and guess what.

COOKED quinoa.


We are going to be eating quinoa for the next two weeks.

I stuffed the peppers and placed them so they would stay sort of up right. (They kept falling over. It kind of reminded me of watching my cousins when they were babies and couldn’t sit up by themselves and they would just keep falling over. That’s what these peppers were doing. Except there were 12 babies not 1 or 2.)

I also forgot that I got chicken thighs to go with the peppers!


So I throw those into a pan and put pepper, salt and some garlic powder on them. (I really didn’t know what to put on them so I made that up… hope it tastes alright!)


They are both in the oven right now and I am sweating up a storm. It is the evening now and it’s still SO HOT.

And I have a pot full of quinoa to deal with.


So after 35 minutes in the oven here’s what they look like:



Not bad right? And the chicken is actually cooked! No getting food poisoning tonight! Point Cassie!

Matt has deemed them “good”. He says I could have added more tomato (I did what the recipe asked for once!) Less quinoa, more beans, corn and tomato and more spice.

He says not all recipes online are perfect, so it’s not my fault.


I’m personally not a huge fan. Maybe it’s the lack of spice or the fact that I have NO CLUE how to eat it but hey, it’s food. Maybe one day I’ll make something that actually tastes as good as what Matt makes.



Haha that was a good joke.


So they turned out a little wrinkly, a little under spiced and only slightly burnt.

I’d say that calls for a glass of wine.

Or two

Or three.


What? It’s hot out.







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