Who Wants To Become A Lego?

I spend a lot of time online looking for the perfect thing for each person because I like giving the perfect gift.

And sometimes I come across the most amazing things.

For example!

My husband loves Lego.

He loves playing with Lego (who doesn’t really) and he adored the Lego Movie.

And while I was surfing the net for gifts for him, I came across Two Three Bricks.

Harris and Stephanie (owners of Two Three Bricks) are amazing. First of all, they are hilarious and when you first go to their site, they offer you promotions for signing up with their email list. Then they make the page rain with confetti because that’s always fun!

Getting a customized print starts at $5. From there, you can add on a costume, props and backgrounds for $5 each. I got all of the above and my total was $23! Crazy awesome! All you do is tell them what you want and attach a photo of you!

Cassandra Clifford

This is the final product!

My adorable husband.

Best part about this? I was hoping that the restaurant background would kind of look like Richmond Station, AND IT DOES!

It’s like they read my mind or something.

Or stalked me on Facebook or Instagram.



They have tons of different ways to make an awesome photo of you, or you can order one of their hilarious and amazing pieces of art that they’ve already done.

They were great about getting back to me right away and when my photo didn’t attach properly to my original order, they emailed me directly and got me to send them one via email.

They were fantastic to work with and I got my photo only a few days later!

Best part about it?

Matt LOVES it.

And he doesn’t show emotion very much.

But I got a smile and a “This is pretty awesome!” out of him which in Matt talk means, “It’s the best thing ever I love it so much and you are amazing.”

Point Cassie.

Point Two Three Bricks

Who’s the best wife in the world and a master at gift giving?


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