Cooking with Cassie: Matcha Muffins

Hi World!

I’m sorry about being MIA for a while. What can I say? Life is busy.

But I had some extra time tonight and decided to try something new.

I decided to make Matcha Muffins.

Say whaaaaat?

I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to get flour, sugar and all that stuff to make it from scratch, so I cheated.

Plus, if these turn out ok then it is an easy recipe for all of you out there!

Because if I can make this work, so can you.

So I took an instant muffin mix from the cupboard and my favourite matcha from Teavana and went to work.12696745_10153142120220904_1291641171_o


The muffin mix only called for 1 cup of water but I added a little bit more because I added 2 tsp of matcha and didn’t want them to be dry.



So far so good.

Matt just came home, and he says they smell good!

Anyway, back to making these muffins.

Once I mixed them up it looked like this:


Looks soooo good right?


Ugh. Why does Matcha look so gross all the time but taste SO GOOD?

I mean look at that:





I also decided to add some chocolate chips I found in the cupboard into my muffins. (Just incase they don’t taste very good. Always got to have a back up right?)

Damn, I forgot to take a picture before they went into the oven.



Oven photo! Can you see the chocolate chips?


Me either.

But they’re there, I swear.

… I hope these turn out well.

I never follow baking and cooking recipes and just hope for the best.

Maybe that’s why everything I make is never that good.

Maybe Matt has something going there…

So the bag says to take them out when the muffins are golden brown.

…But they’re green?



Matt says that some of them are looking a little brown on the outside so I’m going to say they are done.


Ok so the first batch is out of the oven and I’m putting the second one in. I remembered to take a picture this time!



Now you can see the chocolate chips right?

…In all honesty, these muffins look like something that came out of my dog once.


Ok here is what the finished product LOOKS like:


They don’t look too bad right?

Slightly green, as if they ate something that didn’t agree with them but also a little golden as if they went to California for the week.


Moment of truth.


They’re good!

They’re not too matcha-y and chocolate chips give it a little bit of more flavour.

I can’t say they that this is the best muffin I have ever had, because let’s be real, I made it. So that can’t be true.

But they’re good!

I’ll take good!

And I’ll consider this evening experiment a success.

…I just realized that the muffin bag I used expired in August.

… But I won’t say anything if I get sick.

I’m going to keep this as a win.


And with that, I’m off to bed.

Goodnight world.

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