After the Jean Shorts (A Healthy Lifestyle Story)

So after I tried on those shorts and had my revelation, a couple things happened.

I cried. Hard.

Because that’s a logical reaction to potentially shorts shopping right?

Then I decided to workout more and eat only healthy things.

No more chocolate. 😭

Then I went to work the next day and the most amazing thing happened.

My coworker told me she was going to an event that evening with her friend against her will.

How was this amazing?

When we came to work the day after she told me that she went to an Isagenix event.

I already knew about Isagenix because my dad had tried it a few years ago. (Although, he didn’t stay on it long because he’s lactose intolerant and didn’t realize he should have been getting the lactose free shakes instead of the whey shakes…. Love yah dad!)

But what is Isagenix?


It is program to help people cleanse their bodies on a cellular level and get rid of visceral fat and gain muscle. Or it can just help someone start eating more clean and make better eating habits.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to join her on Isagenix was because the last time I had a blood test done, the results came back saying I had a warning of 10 years before I could possibly have heart disease. It wasn’t a huge shock to me given my family’s medical history but when I thought of having heart disease at 35???? I needed to make a change.

I needed a way to not only get rid of the extra pounds I’d accumulated, but change my eating habits and lifestyle even further. And besides, what’s the harm in trying it for just one month? If I didn’t get the results I wanted, I’d stop. Easy.

So I picked the 30 day system that my coworker was also doing so we could at least encourage each other throughout.

And guess what happened??

Within the first two days, the gut that I had shrunk like crazy.

Within a week, I wasn’t craving chocolate and chips as much.


One of my favourite things about the Isagenix shakes is that they promote the development of lean muscle, which went great with my exercise regimen.

Now I am going to post something I thought I’d NEVER post. Before shots.


Now, I know most people would say I look fine but for me, I felt sluggish and huge and it wasn’t sitting right in my head.

Now almost 4 weeks later and almost at the end of my 30 days, here’s where I am:

Please excuse the mess that is my room, I was too excited to take these photos to clean.

Again, doesn’t seem like much, but I had lost 2 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and almost an inch in each thigh. No inches lost in my arms but now they are more muscular than ever.

I would say that’s a win right???

So I’m going to keep going with this to see just how strong my body can get.


I plan on posting about the shakes I like and how these products work and how they have benefitted me, so stay tuned!


And did I mention I fit into my jean shorts again????

Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll have to go shopping for new smaller ones! 😄


Update: My husband has now informed me that my jean shorts are looking really big on me. I may need to get new ones before Europe. Ahhhh!