Shake it up! (A Healthy Lifestyle Post)

One of the best things about being on Isagenix is the fact that they have lactose free shakes that are plant-based protein instead of whey. Yay!

Being pretty lactose intolerant myself, that makes my tummy feel good.

Although, I recently did a test with their Isa Pro powder and I didn’t react to it like I do with other whey products so I’ll be ordering some of the seasonal shakes that usually just come in whey form. It’s probably because of the quality of whey they use.  It’s undenatured whey that still has all of its nutrients because it hasn’t been boiled down like most whey products. Whatever the case, my body seems to handle it well.



Seasonal shakes you say??? Yes! Every two months or so, they come out with a fun new flavour that is available for a limited time. (There’s one coming on Tuesday and one coming out in August that MIGHT be cookies and cream flavour and if that’s true, I will surely cry happy tears of joy)

Seriously, I had a dream that the shake tasted like an Oreo blizzard and I was very disappointed when I woke up.


But that doesn’t mean that their normal shakes are bad!

I’m OBSESSED with my lactose free chocolate shake. I like to add ice cubes made of some coffee and unsweetened almond milk and this makes me happy every morning.

It’s also really good with a little bit of peanut butter too, or just on its own!


I also really like the lactose free Berry flavour. BUT you need to add some frozen berries into it. Otherwise I find it a little sweet by itself.

They also have a lactose free Vanilla Chai flavour that I personally don’t like because I don’t like chai flavour. My friend that I’m doing this with, is obsessed with it though. She likes to add matcha into hers sometimes even! So it’s worth a try!

Now, I like to add a scoop of my Isa Pro to my chocolate shake in the morning after I workout to get me more protein but some people like adding to their shake at night. It’s up to you 😊

Isagenix also has lots of regular shake flavours and even some kosher flavours so there are lots to choose from.

But how excited am I for the new flavour coming out on Tuesday and in August??? SUPER EXCITED. Even though I’ll be in Europe in August I’ll probably be making a purchase while I’m there. I can’t wait!

Now, you must excuse me, I think I hear a berry shake calling my name….