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My Cheap, Simple Trick For White Teeth

So I get a lot of people telling me “You’re teeth are so white!! How do you do it??”

And not to brag, but I do have great teeth.

(It’s the one thing I’m ┬ánot self-conscious about at all. Woo!)

head shot 7

Check out that smile!

Ok, I’ll stop being so humble.


It wasn’t always like this though. When I was younger, I had the most crooked teeth ever.


My two front teeth were SIDEWAYS.

Not a fun time biting into apples, let me tell you.

So like most kids, I got braces.

So now I was a chubby, shy, pubescent 12-year-old with braces.

How else are you supposed to get all the boys?




When I got my braces off, I was left with what I thought were stained teeth. Even though I was diligent about cleaning my teeth.

Years later when I was going into high school, I went for a check up and the dental nurse took a good look at my teeth and asked me if I had braces before. When I said yes, she said that I still had glue on my teeth.


It wasn’t staining!

So after a good scrubbing she got it all off. The she told me that if I wanted to have whiter teeth that I should try Crest Pro White Strips.

So I did.

And it kind of worked I guess.

But my teeth kind of hurt with them on and it took forever to get results.

So I stopped.


I came across the art of oil pulling on Pinterest a while ago.

And I gave it a try.


What you need:

coconut oil

Coconut oil

(I get this from Costco, I bought it 2 years ago for $20 and it’s still going strong.)

That’s it.

Yes that’s all folks!

How you do it:

In the morning, before you drink anything or eat anything or even brush your teeth, you pull.

I usually spit out all the gross saliva you already have in your mouth when you wake up. No need to be swishing that around your mouth.


You take a spoon full of coconut oil (sometimes two if it’s in a liquid state.) and SLOWLY swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes.

Don’t be to hard with the swishing. Your mouth can get tired and the point is to get it between your teeth and all around your mouth.


I mean, if you do accidentally, that’s ok, you won’t die. (I did once by mistake. It didn’t taste gross, it was just gross thinking that I swallowed a bunch of germs.)


It can become a solid again and clog your drain.

After you spit it in the garbage, brush your teeth like normal et voila!

You’re done!

In just a few days you’ll notice your teeth getting a little whiter and within a few weeks they’ll be beautiful.

How I oil pull with coconut oil:

Instead of taking spoonfuls of oil every morning I decided to try something easier.

I took a small ice-cube tray and poured the oil into each slot.

12171132_10152964642360904_1843437001_o 12168940_10152964642305904_502263879_o

If the oil isn’t in liquid form where you are, you can melt some on the stove or in the microwave.


Then I put the tray in the fridge for a few hours.

Soon the cubes will be solid and perfect little lozenges!


I put the cubes into a bottle in the fridge and I just grab one in the morning right when I wake up.


I pull while I shower and get ready for the day, 20 minutes go by in no time!

Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling:

Whiter teeth (duh)

Detoxes the body (Pulling gets rid of all the toxins that your mouth accumulates and since you spit them out, you don’t consume them!)

Helps cleanse the skin (Since the toxins aren’t getting into your bloodstream, it gives your skin a chance to breathe.)

Promotes Oral Hygiene (helps with getting rid of cavities and bad breath)

I’ve found that it really helps with oral hygiene!

In January, I went to the dentist and they told me I had a cavity forming in one of my teeth and I had to keep an eye on it and probably would have to get it filled the next time I came in.

I made sure to pull on a daily basis and when I went back in April, the cavity was gone! Not only that, the dentist said that my teeth looked fantastic!

Take that dentist.

I can’t guarantee that all of these will work for you, but it is a natural, cheaper solution than expensive whitening treatments and getting cavities filled!

It was worth a try for me so it might work for you too!