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Cassie’s Gift Guide: Gifts for the Host/Hostess/Chef

Gifts for the Host/Hostess/Chef

These gifts are for the women (or man) who loves to host parties, cook or just likes to drink wine! These are just some things I’ve found in stores that I like and think would be great for some of the people in my life. (Or maybe just for myself).

Queen of the Castle Wine Glass


This wine glass is perfect for the queen (or princess) in your life. It’s $11.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and the thing I love most about this glass is that it doesn’t have a stem so I don’t have to worry so much about spilling my wine! (Because red wine stains are the WORST).


Mrs. Wine Glass & Mr. Wine Glass

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I like these glasses because I’m a newlywed. If you have someone in your life that recently got married, these glasses are perfect! They’re also subtle and great for a night in with your loved one. These glasses are $18.99 and are dishwasher safe!


Shoe Wine Charms


One of the worst things about having a party is when someone drinks out of your wine glass because they all look the same! Now you could tie a hair elastic around the stem or use these adorable shoe wine charms. These charms are $13.99 for 6 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Waffle Maker


Who doesn’t like waffles when having brunch? How you can have fancy Belgian waffles at home! This Bialetti Ceramic Rotating Waffle Maker is made with ceramic non-stick coating and has a browning setting so you can make the waffle exactly how you want it. It also includes a tray for drips and crumbs! It’s $69.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Now I’m craving waffles.


Bamboo Cutting Board with a stand for an iPad


This would actually be perfect for me if I had a tablet or iPad. (Maybe I wouldn’t screw up so many dinners??) It comes with slots on the side to hold your knives too so they aren’t lying around! Now you can watch cooking videos while you chop. (Or maybe Gilmore Girls on Netflix). It also comes with a stylus for your tablet! (So you don’t have to get your iPad covered in… whatever it is that you are chopping up.) It’s $46.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond!

Glass Tea Pot with Blooming Teas

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Now, I can’t make a gift idea post on hostesses without talking about tea!  This tea-pot is from Teavana. I don’t believe they are making them anymore because I couldn’t find the link to it from their site. It is specifically made for Blooming teas. (Teas that come in a giant ball form, them when you put them in to water to steep, they literally “bloom” into flowers). My Teavana (Scotia Plaza) has only one left and I desperately want some one to buy it as a gift with some blooming teas. I think it would make a beautiful gift. (Not to mention, the tea we have is delicious!)

We have:

Peach Momotaro



Flowering Pineapple


The best thing about these teas are not only are they beautiful, they are also white teas. White teas are filled with good antioxidants and are the most hydrating form of tea.

The Pagoda Teapot is $29.95 and you can use it to make all other teas as well. I just think that making a blooming tea at a party would be an event. We also have another tea-pot that would work great for blooming teas but I like this one more. (It’s just SO pretty!) So if you think this would make a great gift for you or someone you know, see if your local Teavana has one in stock or come see me at Scotia Plaza! (I will even wrap it up for you in a beautiful box.)

I wish I had more tea parties so I could justify getting this for myself. I can have a party for one right?

I might add more to this post when I see something else I think would work great for a host/cook but let’s start here. Christmas is only 6 weeks away people!