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Cassie’s Gift Guide: Gifts for the Techie/Gamer

Gifts for the Techie/Gamer:

This is a person who loves the newest toys in technology. Now I know, a lot of us don’t have the money to drop on a new iPhone or Apple Watch, so here’s some things that I’ve come up with.

Techie gifts can be pretty expensive but you can usually find a deal or something online or you can go for a cheaper version by getting them a quirky mug or gift card to their favourite tech store.

New Charger/ plug-in.


We all need an extra charger. Best thing about chargers these days? You can customize them! Just by Googling custom chargers or cables, you can find sites that will customize the charger for you. I just found this site : Charge Cords where you can get colourful USB cables. (They also do worldwide shipping over $50! The one above is from this site.) Chargers and USB cables can make good stocking stuffers because who doesn’t need an extra cable in their bag?

New headphones


Best Buy has a ton of headphones ranging from $15 to $1249.99 (Yes, that is correct, I did my research). See these crazy expensive head phones here. There are also various types of headphones, including sport ones. (They go around your ear so you don’t have to worry about them falling out while running. I love those types.) To Bose sound cancelling ones. ($$$) Cheap ones can make good stocking stuffers, you can keep them in a gym bag or school bag in case you forget a pair.



I love books. I love opening a book and reading them. But I also have a Kindle. Why? I can bring MANY books with me whenever I fly anywhere! Their also surprisingly affordable. What I love about my Kindle is that I can buy books on with just a click of a button. And POOF! They fly through the magic world of wireless web to my Kindle and I can read them right away. Kobo has an App that you can do just that as well. So it’s all about personal preference here, if you want a bright screen, how much storage, etc. Choose one from there.

Cheapest Kobo at Best Buy: $89.97

Cheapest Kindle on Amazon: $79.99

Hard Drive Back up


We all need to back up our computers and tablets. But usually, we never actually buy the hard drive to do it because it’s usually not a top priority. For a person who likes tech, it is a top priority and the more memory they have to back up their files, the better. At Best Buy, hard drives can range from $64.99 to $1612.99. People are serious about their selfies and videos guys.

Also, I’m using Best Buy for most of my research because I find that I always get the lowest prices there and they usually have some good sales every once in a while.

Exercise tracking device


This can also be for the fitness loving person. I personally have the Fitbit Charge. I like that it tracks my steps, miles, calories, stairs and sleep among other things. I can also set silent alarms on it so I don’t wake Matt up with my noisy phone alarm in the morning! There are tons of different exercise devices out there now. And Best Buy actually has a lot of the best ones.

You can check our their various fitness trackers here but one that caught my eye (other than the Fitbit I already have) is the new Bellabeat.


It tracks your sleep and exercise and can also manage your stress levels with breathing exercises. And guess what ladies? It tracks and monitors your menstrual cycle! (Ooooooo) It can also be worn as a necklace, bracelet, pin or brooch. It’s also available at Best Buy! I haven’t tried this out so I can’t say how the product is, but I’d love to try it one day.


Sphero BB-8 the App-Enabled Droid


This is something for the Star Wars techie! You can play with this droid via an app and it learns the more you use it. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $189.99

Wireless Speakers


Wireless speakers always make a good gift and are usually very affordable. Unless you go for the Bose ones of course. The ones above are JAM Replay Wireless Speakers and their available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99. Wireless speakers are great for parties or if you don’t have speakers to plug your iPod/iPhone into at home.

If you need any help thinking of a gift for someone, feel free to leave me a comment and I can help you out!

*I do not own these pictures. They are to provide ideas for gifts and you can find them at the links I’ve provided.