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Passion Tea Lemonade DIY

Hi friends!

Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been busy and to be honest, I really didn’t know what to post about. I like being helpful. (Or just plain weird.) So today, I’m deciding to be helpful!

Raise your hand if you like Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade.

You raised your hand right?

If you didn’t, then you’re the one that’s weird. (Sorry.)

I love PTL SO much but I hate forking up 4 dollars to get it and I always end up with a lot of ice anyway.

So I decided to try making it at home.

And guess what???

I worked! It tastes just like it!

(Maybe I should start a Brewing with Cassie, I wouldn’t fail so much as I do with Cooking with Cassie…)

Anyhoo, I give you guys my secret.

So I have one of those fancy ice tea pitchers from Teavana:tea pitcher

Mine is purple though. Because, duh.

If you don’t have one of these then just use tea bags or another big infuser.

The thing I like about this one though, is you can make hot tea in it and it won’t warp.

So that’s what I did!

I took a 3/4 cup of Teavana’s Passion Tango Tea and put it in the infuser part.


Then I added 5 teaspoons of Teavana’s rock sugar. (This tea on its own is VERY tart)

I filled the jug with hot water and brewed it for 5 minutes.

Then I took the infuser out.

While it was brewing I made lemonade in another pitcher!

(I just got some of the frozen lemonade from the grocery store)

Then I took a third pitcher (I know, I have a lot of pitchers. But doesn’t everyone??) and poured half of the Passion tea in, then half of the lemonade. Then I poured the rest of the lemonade in with the Passion Tea.

Et Viola! 2 full jugs of Passion Tea Lemonade!

I had to put them in the fridge for a few hours to chill but you can always just put some ice in your cup if you want it cold right away.

tea lemonade.jpg

And there we have it folks. I have enough tea to last me two weeks. (Just kidding, Matt really likes this. YES!)

And I never have to worry about my cup being too full with ice.

If you have any other questions or have other questions about brewing tea hot or iced, just let me know!


Recipe: Passion Tea Lemonade

What you need:

3/4 cup of Teavana Passion Tango

5 tsp of rock sugar (or regular if you don’t have any.)

1 jug of lemonade (doesn’t matter how you make it)

3 pitchers

What you do:

  1. Brew Passion Tango in hot water for 5 minutes
  2. Make lemonade.
  3. Pour half of each in a pitcher
  4. Put in fridge or add ice to chill
  5. Drink Passion Tea Lemonade
  6. Enjoy Life

Cooking with Cassie: Matcha Muffins

Hi World!

I’m sorry about being MIA for a while. What can I say? Life is busy.

But I had some extra time tonight and decided to try something new.

I decided to make Matcha Muffins.

Say whaaaaat?

I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to get flour, sugar and all that stuff to make it from scratch, so I cheated.

Plus, if these turn out ok then it is an easy recipe for all of you out there!

Because if I can make this work, so can you.

So I took an instant muffin mix from the cupboard and my favourite matcha from Teavana and went to work.12696745_10153142120220904_1291641171_o


The muffin mix only called for 1 cup of water but I added a little bit more because I added 2 tsp of matcha and didn’t want them to be dry.



So far so good.

Matt just came home, and he says they smell good!

Anyway, back to making these muffins.

Once I mixed them up it looked like this:


Looks soooo good right?


Ugh. Why does Matcha look so gross all the time but taste SO GOOD?

I mean look at that:





I also decided to add some chocolate chips I found in the cupboard into my muffins. (Just incase they don’t taste very good. Always got to have a back up right?)

Damn, I forgot to take a picture before they went into the oven.



Oven photo! Can you see the chocolate chips?


Me either.

But they’re there, I swear.

… I hope these turn out well.

I never follow baking and cooking recipes and just hope for the best.

Maybe that’s why everything I make is never that good.

Maybe Matt has something going there…

So the bag says to take them out when the muffins are golden brown.

…But they’re green?



Matt says that some of them are looking a little brown on the outside so I’m going to say they are done.


Ok so the first batch is out of the oven and I’m putting the second one in. I remembered to take a picture this time!



Now you can see the chocolate chips right?

…In all honesty, these muffins look like something that came out of my dog once.


Ok here is what the finished product LOOKS like:


They don’t look too bad right?

Slightly green, as if they ate something that didn’t agree with them but also a little golden as if they went to California for the week.


Moment of truth.


They’re good!

They’re not too matcha-y and chocolate chips give it a little bit of more flavour.

I can’t say they that this is the best muffin I have ever had, because let’s be real, I made it. So that can’t be true.

But they’re good!

I’ll take good!

And I’ll consider this evening experiment a success.

…I just realized that the muffin bag I used expired in August.

… But I won’t say anything if I get sick.

I’m going to keep this as a win.


And with that, I’m off to bed.

Goodnight world.

Who Wants To Become A Lego?

I spend a lot of time online looking for the perfect thing for each person because I like giving the perfect gift.

And sometimes I come across the most amazing things.

For example!

My husband loves Lego.

He loves playing with Lego (who doesn’t really) and he adored the Lego Movie.

And while I was surfing the net for gifts for him, I came across Two Three Bricks.

Harris and Stephanie (owners of Two Three Bricks) are amazing. First of all, they are hilarious and when you first go to their site, they offer you promotions for signing up with their email list. Then they make the page rain with confetti because that’s always fun!

Getting a customized print starts at $5. From there, you can add on a costume, props and backgrounds for $5 each. I got all of the above and my total was $23! Crazy awesome! All you do is tell them what you want and attach a photo of you!

Cassandra Clifford

This is the final product!

My adorable husband.

Best part about this? I was hoping that the restaurant background would kind of look like Richmond Station, AND IT DOES!

It’s like they read my mind or something.

Or stalked me on Facebook or Instagram.



They have tons of different ways to make an awesome photo of you, or you can order one of their hilarious and amazing pieces of art that they’ve already done.

They were great about getting back to me right away and when my photo didn’t attach properly to my original order, they emailed me directly and got me to send them one via email.

They were fantastic to work with and I got my photo only a few days later!

Best part about it?

Matt LOVES it.

And he doesn’t show emotion very much.

But I got a smile and a “This is pretty awesome!” out of him which in Matt talk means, “It’s the best thing ever I love it so much and you are amazing.”

Point Cassie.

Point Two Three Bricks

Who’s the best wife in the world and a master at gift giving?


Cooking with Cassie – Crumbling Brownies

So after a few weeks of no baking, I thought today would be a good day to break that dry spell.

Or sweet spell.

Or I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

On to the baking!

Today I am baking brownies from a box.

Want to know how I bake such delicious good things from boxes?

It’s what I was taught in Home Economics in school.

No joke, we did muffins… from a box. Cookies… from a box. Mac and cheese…from the trusty KD box.

And that is all we did.


Until we get a tea cupboard for all of my teas, we don’t have room to keep flour and shit in the cupboards. So cooking from a box is all I can do!

And there is less of a chance that I can screw this up.


My chosen box brownies.

I want to make two boxes of these so I just have to double the recipe right?


So after pouring box of the mixes into the bowl, I realize that there is a lot of mix in this bowl.

Mixing this is not going to be fun.

So the eggs I’m using are all the way from when I made soupy Reese cupcakes. They expire on Friday, it’s a good thing I’m using them today!


I doubled the water and oil for the recipe.

You can use canola oil for this right?

Because my coconut oil is finally running out after 2 years of having it so I don’t want to use that.

Canola oil it is!

Oh thank God.

I don’t have to use my mixer!

It says to stir. Approximately 50 stokes. (It literally says that.)

So stir with a spoon?

Like this one?


Because that’s what I’m going to use!

50 strokes.

No problem.


I lost count.

Somewhere around 36. My phone dinged I lost count.

Damn it.

But wait.

I have to double the recipe.

So 100 strokes?

My arm is getting sore.

It was arm day at the gym.


Ok so I’m just giving up. The mix looks mixed to me and I don’t want to stir anymore.

Uh oh.

I’m supposed to grease and coat the bottom of an 8×8 pan with flour or something.

I don’t have any flour or grease!

Or a pan that is 8×8!


So I’m going to use parchment paper and our pan we cook chicken in.


Hmmm. I hope this works.

Ok, the batter is getting all over the parchment.


This doesn’t look right.

Do brownies rise like cake?

Will this get to tall?

I have no idea


I should have counted to 100.


So here’s what it looks like. I  cut off the extra parchment with mix all over it and into the oven they go!

Wait a minute.

It gives me baking times for 8×8 and 9×9. What about my pan?

I’m going to put it in for 25 and go from there.

Ok so they aren’t done yet. The tooth pick is still covered in batter.

So back in for 5 minutes?

Sure why not.


They’re done!

Well, done enough.

Just a little bit on the bottom that didn’t come out clean.

But I don’t want them to burn.

12194379_10152975581085904_908893979_o 12180920_10152975580895904_1241056393_o

They look a little messed up and they didn’t rise!

Good to know.

Or else we would have had overflowing brownies on our hands.

I’ll let them cool off then cut them up and taste!

Holy, these are rich.

And maybe I should have left them in for a little bit longer. They’re falling apart!

Why do all of my baking adventures end up falling apart?


So they’re ok. They’d probably be better if I made them from scratch or put icing on them.

I have icing in the cupboard!

I’m too lazy to ice them now. Save it for another time.

Brownies for dessert!

Cooking with Cassie – A Very Buttery, Cheesy, Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my wonderful husband.

Cheesy. I know.

But I truly am thankful for them.

Unfortunately, it is just Matt and I in Toronto, so we can’t have a big family get-together.

I’m missing out on my Grandma’s kick-ass pumpkin pie.


But we have each other and that’s all that matters right?

Ok, I’ll stop with all this cheese.

For now.


We decided to spend our Thanksgiving together by going to vote!

We will both be working next Monday so we thought today would be a great time to go.

There’s still one more day of advance voting so make sure you go tomorrow or on the 19th!




Today was grocery day and there wasn’t much left in the way of root vegetables and turkey’s at the store and since it’s just the two of us, there isn’t much of a point to spend hours making a giant dinner for the two of us.

So we decided on Butter Chicken.

Mmmm Butter Chicken.

We grabbed some peppers (They were on sale!) and an onion to add to our dinner.


I cut up the peppers first. It only took me 20 minutes!

Not bad right?

I’m getting the hang of this.

Then I started on the onion.


Ok so the onion is a lot harder. Maybe I’m not getting the hang of this.

I tried cutting it into cubes but that didn’t really happen.

My eyes also started burning like the fiery pits of Mordor.

…Not quite sure what that is, I got it from Book of Mormon. Maybe it’s from Lord of the Rings?

I haven’t read it.

I’m sorry literary world.

I’ll get to it one day.


But anyway, my eyes were burning like mad so what did I do?

I threw down the knife, had a fit and curled up on the couch while trying to cry out all the pain in my eyes.

And got Matt to cut the rest of the onion.


Those are his pretty cubes. And he didn’t even shed a tear.


Those sad little things in the corner are mine.

He said that I used the wrong knife and that’s why it burned more than usual.

He also said that he needs to teach me how to cut an onion one of these days.

Yes, that would be helpful wouldn’t it?


Now to cut the chicken.

I’ve really had enough of cutting today and cutting up raw chicken takes me FOREVER so I got the professional to do it.

He was finished with those in under 2 minutes.

Maybe I’ll be that good one day.



Look at those cute little cubes!

Now into the pan they go to sizzle and brown.


On nom nom.

…So about the cheese.

I was going to surprise you all by showing off the Boursin cheese that we bought on sale that we were going to have for dessert but alas.

We forgot it at the grocery store.


I tried Boursin cheese for the first time on our “mini honeymoon” in Banff in August and I fell in love with it.

I ate so much of it that I spoiled my dinner at one of the best restaurants in Banff.


Worth it though.


So here I am, having a bit of a melt down because I was SO excited about having fancy cheese and wine for dessert but I forgot it at the store.

But being the amazing husband that he is, Matthew is going back to the store to see if he can get our cheese back.

He’s the best.

So now I have the job of finishing dinner by my self.

I need to finish browning the chicken in the pan.

How does anyone do this without cursing when those grease fire balls fly out of the pan and burn your hand?

I’m just destined to be burned today.


He’s back!



I am a happy girl.


So now the chicken is all brown and we can start cooking the veggies and rice.


The veggies are looking good!

And I managed to not screw up the rice!

… I may have had Matt telling me what to do while I made it…

Here’s a tip, rice does not cook on high heat.

Low heat guys.



We bought the VH butter chicken sauce (cheating, I know but we’re feeling lazy today.) and since it’s not really spicy, Matt added some spices.

Onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and red chill flakes.

Now we’re talkin’! Spicaaaayyy!

He wanted to add coriander and cumin since they go well with Indian food (so he says) but we didn’t have any. Sad day for Matt.

I still think it’s tasty.



Tasty, Spicy, Creamy Goodness.

I think BAM! should be my catch phrase when I rock a recipe.

Yeah. That’s cool.

(Edit from Monday the 12th: Matt has just informed me that BAM! is already taken. Back to the drawing board…)

Now it’s time for dessert!


Boursin Cheese and a Baguette!

(Sorry about the crappy picture, it got dark really fast here and I didn’t feel like turning on more lights.)

I feel the need to wear a beret, a striped shirt and speak in a cheesy french accent while I eat this.

I may or may not have done 2 out of those three things.

I can’t find my beret. Sad day.


Mmmm Boursin.


I am one happy girl.

While we ate dinner and dessert, we watched Star Trek the movie.

And that was our Thanksgiving.

Voting, Indian food (hahahaha I just made an awful pun/joke.) and space police.

And now Matt wants to watch Star Wars.

More Space police!

Have a great Thanksgiving guys!

And remember to VOTE!


Cooking with Cassie – Easy Cherry Chip Cookies

Two Cooking with Cassie’s in less than a week?

Man, are you guys lucky.

Or rather, Matt and I are lucky because we get to eat said food.

Or maybe no one is lucky because Matt and I get to eat said food.

Yeah, it’s probably the last one.

Well, I finished everything that I wanted to do early today so I thought I would whip up some cookies. (I’m turning into a housewife. Yikes.)

But no one will catch me walking around my apartment in heels, an apron and pearls.

No one.

Anyway, I decided to make cookies out of the Cherry Chip Cake Batter I bought in the massive sale the other day.

I found a simple recipe on Pinterest to make any cake mix into cookies.

1 Box of Cake mix

1/2 of vegetable oil or canola oil

2 eggs


Then you mix everything up, let it chill in the fridge for an hour, then roll the batter into little balls on a cookie sheet and bake for 7-9 minutes.

Simple right?


Here’s what I need:


That’s all!

How awesome.

I can’t mess this up. Can I?

So now I add the mix.


Then the 2 eggs


No egg shell this time!

I’m on a roll!


Now the oil.


Just as I dumped the oil in there, I realized I could have used coconut oil.

…Ah well. So they might be a little worse for me. But hopefully they’ll taste good?

Now I mix it all up with my new beater.

I love this new beater. The little prong-thingy’s don’t keep a ton of batter on them so there’s more in the bowl to use. How clever.


Look! It’s kind of like a doughy texture!

I would have never thought of this by myself.

Who knew? Eggs and oil?

Ok, in to the fridge they go. For one hour.


…I guess I didn’t need to set the oven to 350. I got a little a head of myself there.

An hour had passed and the batter is thick!


My spoon stands up straight! Crazy.

Well I’ve spooned them onto the cookie sheet but I didn’t want to get my fingers dirty so they’re not really ‘ball’ shaped.


Ah well. It’s the taste that matters right?

Now they bake for 8 minutes. (There are two other batches I have to bake after this because I don’t have enough cookie sheets.)


So I put them in for an extra minute and look how fluffy they are!


Wow. They’re like little cakes!



Ok, wait a minute. By the time I put them on the cooling rack, they have shrunk!


What is this sorcery??

They are pretty good! They aren’t really cookie-texture and they kind of fall apart but they taste good!


So if you’re looking for an easy cookie recipe, this is the one for you!

And maybe yours will turn out actual cookie shaped and cookie texture.


I didn’t mess this one up though!

The cookie messed up. It’s their fault.


Cooking with Cassie – Soupy Reese Cupcakes!

So I decided to make some brownies with pumpkin cream cheese frosting this week.

Matt’s friends from the restaurant might be doing a Thanksgiving potluck for those of us with no family in the area to spend it with. And I thought I could bake something for the occasion!

But I wanted to try making it this week first.

Don’t want to poison the professional cooks.

So I went to the grocery store to get the baking supplies and GUESS WHAT?

All of the cake mixes and baking stuff were on sale.


I should have taken a photo…it was glorious.

I was a kid in a candy store. Or should I say, a kid in the baking store.

….That doesn’t work as well does it?

So I went into the store looking for brownie mix and pumpkin puree and came out with this:



And no pumpkin puree. Because they were all out.

But Matt wanted some cake (And let’s be honest, I did too) So I decided to make this:



So let’s start.

Pre-heat oven and put cupcake wrappers in cupcake tin.


Aren’t they pretty?

I didn’t screw up on that! Onto the next!

Stir cake mix, eggs, veggie oil and water in bowl.

I’m going to use coconut oil instead of veggie oil because no one tells me what to do.


I bought a giant jar of coconut oil at Costco more than two years ago and I still have this much left.

Ah coconut oil. My best friend.

I use it to take off my make up, oil pulling, as a moisturizer and cooking.

Maybe I’ll write a post about the wonders of coconut oil.




So while cracking the eggs, I might have gotten a little piece of shell in it… I tried to use that spoon to get it out but it brought and alas, it is gone.

So I’m sorry Matt if there is any egg-shell in your cupcake!

I mix it up with my new hand blender from my Aunt. Thanks Auntie Bernie!

After I mix everything up and scoop it into the wrappers (With only getting a little on the sides) It’s into the oven they go!



Now it’s time to make the peanut butter filling (Yes, that comes in the box!)

Aaaand I need butter.

I chose not to pick up butter from the grocery store because the brownies I was going to make didn’t need it.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter it is then!


Still tastes good though! Maybe I won’t screw anything up this time.

Now onto the chocolate frosting (Also in the box! What isn’t in this box… I do need some money for our honeymoon…)


Alas, no honeymoon money in the magic Reese box.



Frosting is all done! And there goes the timer for the cupcakes.


Yay! They look kind of good!


Except for this one, it looks like a walrus.

It will be my walrus cupcake.


While I’m waiting for the cupcakes to cool, I have to put the filling into this nifty piping bag THAT ALSO CAME IN THE BOX.

They really thought of everything!


DSC_0106 DSC_0104

I only slightly made a mess while doing this.

Matt also tells me after I start shoving the filling in, that it would be easier if I rolled down the sides. Less of a mess that way.

People really need to tell me these things before I attempt them.




Now I have cut off the tip of the piping bag and-


I didn’t even have time to think. I just shoved it into the first cupcake.


I think I’m doing this right?

Now onto the frosting.

It’s super thin.



It’s like frosting soup.

It was pretty easy to make this frosting soup.

I guess I’m really good at that. (Note to self, next time you want to make soup, just make frosting soup.)

DSC_0117 DSC_0116


Well, they are pretty deformed and soupy cupcakes. I’ll let them cool in the fridge and see if that helps.




Looks like the fridge didn’t help with the soupy-ness.



Well, despite the soupy frosting and the hunchback shape of them, these cupcakes are pretty good!

But I wish I could just bake something that looks somewhat satisfying.

Ah well. You win some and you lose some.

Haven’t found that egg-shell yet…


Cooking with Cassie – My Favourite Fall Soup and the Disappearing Nutmeg

Ah Fall.

This is the time when root vegetables are plenty. Everything is pumpkins and apple cider and deep maroon shades.

The weather is mild enough to wear a light sweater and a nice pair of jeans and not sweat or freeze to death.

The sun is still out and the days are getting shorter.

All of the best TV shows are back and premiere week is glorious. Have I mentioned I LOVE Castle and Murdoch Mysteries? (I could do a blog post on both on each of them expressing my love, but maybe you guys don’t want to read that.)

This is the time when white girls drink Pumpkin Spice lattes, wear leggings with Uggs and big wooly sweaters and they “Can’t Even”. (Can’t even what? Finish a sentence?)

Luckily I’m not the last one. No Uggs and no lattes for me. (Bleh, coffee)

But I do love sweet potatoes. And butternut squash. They are my favourite veggies and they are is season now!


So this Cooking with Cassie is the first Fall edition!

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with my crock pot!

I looked up a couple of recipes on Pinterest and chose ingredients that I wanted so we’ll see if this turns out all right.

Just to let you all know, it is 8:30 in the morning and I’m starting dinner. Matt said I didn’t have to start it until 12 if we wanted it to be done by 6, but I’m not taking any chances. He gets off early today! (Hooray!)

So the recipes say that I should get a medium size butternut squash, but I love butternut squash so I got a big one 🙂

Let’s start peeling and cutting up the squash.

I had to peel some squash for Thanksgiving last year and I remember my fingers getting this weird texture all over them while doing so. (And DO NOT get that stuff in your eye. Ouch) So I grabbed a pair of surgical gloves my mom stole from the hospital when I was there a few months ago.


Better to be safe than sorry!

After 45 minutes, I am done peeling the squash.


God, that took forever!


It may not be pretty. And I got a little mad at it closer to the end of the peeling.

So I start to cut.


Pardon my language but it took me an HOUR to cut up this thing. I thought I was going to lose a finger or an eye. I was cursing and swearing at it and swinging the knife around. (Don’t tell Matt.)

… My mom just called me. She said that it’s much easier to cut after you cook them in the oven for a bit.


I am literally sweating and my arms are sore. At least I don’t have to work on my arms today?

Butternut Squash is not my favourite vegetable anymore.

Matt makes cutting this up look so easy. Maybe he is stronger than me. But I go to the gym!


The squash is also taking up more than half of the crock pot. Maybe that’s why the recipe said a medium size squash…

Now the sweet potatoes. I have peeled and cut sweet potatoes many a time before so this should be easy.

But it’s not.

The peeling was easy but now I’m convinced that this knife is not sharp at all. This is taking forever.

Or maybe my arms are too sore from the squash.

The recipe also called for 2 sweet potatoes but I got 3 because I love sweet potatoes.

And now my crock put is full.

I should really pay attention to recipes.

Onto the carrots.


Peel and cut. Easy.

3 medium carrots. I do have 6 but I only did 3 because maybe the recipe knows what it’s talking about.

One Granny Smith Apple.

I’ve never thought to put an apple into soup but one of the recipes called for one, so I thought “Why not?”

Apple’s are so easy to cut.

It’s like butter compared to the not-so-butterynut squash.

And one onion. The recipe didn’t say what kind of onion to use and there are different kinds. (Learned that from Matt a while ago!) So I picked a sweet onion.

Even an onion is nice to cut.

Of course, by this time, I am so frustrated with peeling and cutting vegetables that when it comes time to dice the onion, I slice it up then start whacking my knife on the board to dice it.

Ain’t nobody have time for nice squares.

I’m supposed to add 4 1/4 cups of vegetable broth but I am going to use some chicken broth that Matt brought home from the restaurant a few months ago.


Oooo secret ingredient!

I also added a bit of vegetable broth too.

And don’t tell Matt… I didn’t measure it.

I’m tired, sweating and frustrated so I added the chicken broth and half of the veggie broth willy nilly.

Don’t judge me.

Ok, now that my crock pot is over-flowing, I squish the veggies down as much as I can.


I put it on low for 6 hours.

Now I wait.

Don’t you love the mess I made in the background?

Who knew that making soup was such hard work?


Ok so 6 and half hours later, my apartment smells like Thanksgiving Dinner. Yum.

It’s also really hot in here. I thought it was supposed to be Fall?


Since I don’t have an inversion blender, I’m going to use my fancy new Nutri-Ninja my mom bought me.


I haven’t used it yet so we’ll see how this goes.

I scoop out part of the soup and put it in the blender.

I took a video of my first try with this thing but unfortunately, when I play back the video, the screen is black.

So all you can hear is me being really scared with it and screaming at how fast it’s going and thinking it’s going to explode.

Which is actually kind of funny.

So I’ll put that here I guess.


Well that was fun.


Now my soup looks like this:


It’s orange! So that’s a good start.

And it looks like baby food.

… Kind of tastes like baby food too. Pretty bland. How did I eat so much of this when I was a baby?

I was a greedy, food loving, fat baby. That’s why.


Now I have to add 3 1/4 cups of coconut milk. I keep some in my fridge so I can have cereal and smoothies with it. I think I have enough.

… I only have 3 cups.


3 cups it is I guess!

Now add a teaspoon of cinnamon. My measuring spoons are in the dishwasher and I don’t want to clean them so I’ll eyeball it.


I think I put too much in.


Now 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg,


I bought some yesterday!

I remember putting it in my grocery bags.


I spent 7 dollars on that little tin when I only needed 1/2 teaspoon, so I better find it.

This has become the hunt for the nutmeg,

I have checked EVERYWHERE.

The whole kitchen, all the drawers, heck, I even checked the bathrooms and bedroom because maybe I wanted a little nutmeg snack before bed for whatever reason?

I can’t find it!

I bet I will find it later and I’ll rip out all my hair.

But not actually.

I really like my hair. *Tosses hair around like a diva*


So I guess I’ll just add a little salt then blend this up again to make sure everything is smooth.

Since Matt isn’t home yet, I’m going to put the soup into containers so we can eat together later.


It actually tastes pretty good!

…Needs nutmeg though.



So my kitchen is a mess. There is orange goop everywhere and I have managed to use the crock pot, a regular pot, tubberware, blender, and pretty much every other utensil in my kitchen to make this.


Isn’t soup supposed to be easy?

So Matt figured out the nutmeg situation. There was a tin of powdered mustard on the spice shelf. I grabbed that blindly since it was in the nutmeg section on the shelf in the grocery store.



Looks pretty good, tastes pretty good.

Needs nutmeg.


Complement your chef’s guys. They have a hard career.

Cooking with Cassie – Pesky Stove

So Matt and I moved into our new place a few months ago and it has been a BIG upgrade from our last place. (The vents actually work and aren’t black on the inside? Say what??) But the kitchen has been one of the best parts about this move. We have a DISHWASHER! Woo!

The only problem? The stove and oven still baffle me.

This Cooking with Cassie will take us back in time to the first time I cooked in our new kitchen.


You know the deal.


Cooking with Cassie 2.0: Cooking in the new home!

I know it’s hard to believe but I was the first one to cook in our fancy new kitchen!

And I’m the only one so far… What’s up with that?

I decided to cook pasta because it’s easy and I was super tired from cleaning up the old apartment.

I’m not kidding, I had to paint two giant walls and scrub everything. (Which I think is kind of stupid considering when we moved in, it was still kind of dirty and they spray painted EVERYTHING white. I mean everything. Electrical outlets, the fire alarm, light switches… it was a fire hazard nightmare.)

So I was rightfully tired!

So I chose pasta and decided on ground chicken instead of ground beef just for kicks. (Because I do what I want!)

Everything was going smoothly (successfully cut up the veggies without losing a finger!) until I tried to turn on the stove.

I turned the dial for the burner I waned but it wasn’t getting hot right away. So I then spent the next ten minutes messing with every switch on that stupid thing, thinking I was going crazy, until I realized, I was right the first time. (I should just go with my female instincts!) It just needs some time to get hot.

I may be an impatient person.


After sweating over that finally hot stove, finishing the rest of the pasta with only burning a few pieces of pasta… I wasn’t even hungry.

I was so tired that I didn’t eat… so who knows if it even tasted good?

I just laid down on the couch and passed out.



So that’s it. My first time cooking in my new home and I didn’t even eat it. Short and sweet. (Or savoury? Spicy? Who knows!)








Cooking with Cassie – Wrinkly Stuffed Bell Peppers

Alright people.

It’s hot in the city of Toronto. We have been gong through a heat wave so it has been very tempting to just eat out every night and hide in bath full of ice for the rest of the day.

So I will be cooking in my sports bra and shorts today again and I have hooked up the fan on a stool so it will be blowing beautiful air at me the entire time.

We really need to get our AC fixed.

Today I decided to do a stuffed bell pepper recipe I found on Pinterest. (Ahhh Pinterest… what would we do without you?)

You can find the link to the recipe here. It is in another blog and you have to scroll through her pictures and story to get to the recipe but it’s worth a read! Very cute kids.

I’m doubling the recipe because we have to feed Matt and I for the week and if you know Matt, he eats a lot. (6 feet, 4 inches with zero fat on him. And he’s a cook… WHAT IS HIS SECRET???)

Preheat the oven to 350. I really didn’t think this through. it is going to get even hotter in here. I think I might need a cold drink to get me through this. (Not alcohol of course… could you imagine me cooking while intoxicated?? Scary.)

So I put parchment paper on a pan and now it’s flying around the kitchen because of my glorious fan. I’ll have to put my water bottle on it so it doesn’t fly away and I give up on this whole escapade.


Yes that is a Captain America water bottle. I love him (Sorry Matt)



… I have to confess something.

Matt is here.

He is playing video games and I told him not to help me.

But I’m doubling the recipe and it calls for 3 cups of quinoa so I have to do 6 cups right? So that means 12 cups of water? That’s a lot of water! (It’s a good thing I asked because I thought it was 2 cups of quinoa for every 1 cups of water… that would have been a burnt disaster.)

I have also been told that this:


Is for “dry” ingredients and this:


Is for liquid ingredients.

I don’t really see a difference but let’s continue.

I am putting all of this (plus the quinoa) in the peppers:


Not the bowl obviously… it wouldn’t fit. And it’s metal. We shouldn’t eat metal.


This is probably the most ingredients I’ve ever used. Kraft Dinner only needs one extra ingredient that doesn’t already come inside the box! And sometimes I don’t even add that.


Guys, look how well my dicing of the tomato is going!



Aaaaand I messed it up. Now I’ll have to cut all of them secretly to make them smaller.


And I also overestimated how much tomato one cup is. I have all of this leftover…


Tomato sandwiches tomorrow it is!


So getting the spices in were a little hard. Trying to shake it out onto a little teaspoon was not easy and now my sink is covered in cumin, garlic powder, onion powder and sooooo much chilli powder.

I decided to use my marble cheddar cheese and havarti cheese instead of the feta and pepper jack. I don’t want a tonne of cheese in my fridge. And I didn’t really feel like measuring out the shredded cheese so I just eyeballed it. (Matt hates it when I do that but what he doesn’t know won’t kill him. Unless he ever reads these, which he hasn’t yet. 🙁 )

Shredding havarti is not easy.



It’s all squishy :S

Guys, I screwed up the quinoa. We don’t have 6 cups of quinoa. We only have 5. And I put them into the water before realizing this.

I asked Matt what I should do. His advice?

“There’s nothing you can do about it now!” And continues to play his Marvel Lego video games. He didn’t even look at me.



The water for the quinoa also took really long to boil because I didn’t set the stove to the “full burner”


So now I wait.

So far, my bowl of food looks like this:


I didn’t put the cilantro in because it doesn’t really agree with me and I didn’t add the can of green chills because… what are those anyways? I walked around the whole grocery store and couldn’t find them.

Ah well.


I almost forgot them!

I have to cut off the top and clean the inside and that took FOREVER. 12 peppers? And those stupid little seeds? I left a lot of them… Never again.

So as I’m looking at my finished quinoa, I’m a little troubled. There is a lot of it.

I mean, a lot.



That is a sh*t tonne of quinoa.

So I looked back at the recipe and guess what.

COOKED quinoa.


We are going to be eating quinoa for the next two weeks.

I stuffed the peppers and placed them so they would stay sort of up right. (They kept falling over. It kind of reminded me of watching my cousins when they were babies and couldn’t sit up by themselves and they would just keep falling over. That’s what these peppers were doing. Except there were 12 babies not 1 or 2.)

I also forgot that I got chicken thighs to go with the peppers!


So I throw those into a pan and put pepper, salt and some garlic powder on them. (I really didn’t know what to put on them so I made that up… hope it tastes alright!)


They are both in the oven right now and I am sweating up a storm. It is the evening now and it’s still SO HOT.

And I have a pot full of quinoa to deal with.


So after 35 minutes in the oven here’s what they look like:



Not bad right? And the chicken is actually cooked! No getting food poisoning tonight! Point Cassie!

Matt has deemed them “good”. He says I could have added more tomato (I did what the recipe asked for once!) Less quinoa, more beans, corn and tomato and more spice.

He says not all recipes online are perfect, so it’s not my fault.


I’m personally not a huge fan. Maybe it’s the lack of spice or the fact that I have NO CLUE how to eat it but hey, it’s food. Maybe one day I’ll make something that actually tastes as good as what Matt makes.



Haha that was a good joke.


So they turned out a little wrinkly, a little under spiced and only slightly burnt.

I’d say that calls for a glass of wine.

Or two

Or three.


What? It’s hot out.