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Cooking with Cassie – A Very Buttery, Cheesy, Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my wonderful husband.

Cheesy. I know.

But I truly am thankful for them.

Unfortunately, it is just Matt and I in Toronto, so we can’t have a big family get-together.

I’m missing out on my Grandma’s kick-ass pumpkin pie.


But we have each other and that’s all that matters right?

Ok, I’ll stop with all this cheese.

For now.


We decided to spend our Thanksgiving together by going to vote!

We will both be working next Monday so we thought today would be a great time to go.

There’s still one more day of advance voting so make sure you go tomorrow or on the 19th!




Today was grocery day and there wasn’t much left in the way of root vegetables and turkey’s at the store and since it’s just the two of us, there isn’t much of a point to spend hours making a giant dinner for the two of us.

So we decided on Butter Chicken.

Mmmm Butter Chicken.

We grabbed some peppers (They were on sale!) and an onion to add to our dinner.


I cut up the peppers first. It only took me 20 minutes!

Not bad right?

I’m getting the hang of this.

Then I started on the onion.


Ok so the onion is a lot harder. Maybe I’m not getting the hang of this.

I tried cutting it into cubes but that didn’t really happen.

My eyes also started burning like the fiery pits of Mordor.

…Not quite sure what that is, I got it from Book of Mormon. Maybe it’s from Lord of the Rings?

I haven’t read it.

I’m sorry literary world.

I’ll get to it one day.


But anyway, my eyes were burning like mad so what did I do?

I threw down the knife, had a fit and curled up on the couch while trying to cry out all the pain in my eyes.

And got Matt to cut the rest of the onion.


Those are his pretty cubes. And he didn’t even shed a tear.


Those sad little things in the corner are mine.

He said that I used the wrong knife and that’s why it burned more than usual.

He also said that he needs to teach me how to cut an onion one of these days.

Yes, that would be helpful wouldn’t it?


Now to cut the chicken.

I’ve really had enough of cutting today and cutting up raw chicken takes me FOREVER so I got the professional to do it.

He was finished with those in under 2 minutes.

Maybe I’ll be that good one day.



Look at those cute little cubes!

Now into the pan they go to sizzle and brown.


On nom nom.

…So about the cheese.

I was going to surprise you all by showing off the Boursin cheese that we bought on sale that we were going to have for dessert but alas.

We forgot it at the grocery store.


I tried Boursin cheese for the first time on our “mini honeymoon” in Banff in August and I fell in love with it.

I ate so much of it that I spoiled my dinner at one of the best restaurants in Banff.


Worth it though.


So here I am, having a bit of a melt down because I was SO excited about having fancy cheese and wine for dessert but I forgot it at the store.

But being the amazing husband that he is, Matthew is going back to the store to see if he can get our cheese back.

He’s the best.

So now I have the job of finishing dinner by my self.

I need to finish browning the chicken in the pan.

How does anyone do this without cursing when those grease fire balls fly out of the pan and burn your hand?

I’m just destined to be burned today.


He’s back!



I am a happy girl.


So now the chicken is all brown and we can start cooking the veggies and rice.


The veggies are looking good!

And I managed to not screw up the rice!

… I may have had Matt telling me what to do while I made it…

Here’s a tip, rice does not cook on high heat.

Low heat guys.



We bought the VH butter chicken sauce (cheating, I know but we’re feeling lazy today.) and since it’s not really spicy, Matt added some spices.

Onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and red chill flakes.

Now we’re talkin’! Spicaaaayyy!

He wanted to add coriander and cumin since they go well with Indian food (so he says) but we didn’t have any. Sad day for Matt.

I still think it’s tasty.



Tasty, Spicy, Creamy Goodness.

I think BAM! should be my catch phrase when I rock a recipe.

Yeah. That’s cool.

(Edit from Monday the 12th: Matt has just informed me that BAM! is already taken. Back to the drawing board…)

Now it’s time for dessert!


Boursin Cheese and a Baguette!

(Sorry about the crappy picture, it got dark really fast here and I didn’t feel like turning on more lights.)

I feel the need to wear a beret, a striped shirt and speak in a cheesy french accent while I eat this.

I may or may not have done 2 out of those three things.

I can’t find my beret. Sad day.


Mmmm Boursin.


I am one happy girl.

While we ate dinner and dessert, we watched Star Trek the movie.

And that was our Thanksgiving.

Voting, Indian food (hahahaha I just made an awful pun/joke.) and space police.

And now Matt wants to watch Star Wars.

More Space police!

Have a great Thanksgiving guys!

And remember to VOTE!