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Cooking with Cassie – Crumbling Brownies

So after a few weeks of no baking, I thought today would be a good day to break that dry spell.

Or sweet spell.

Or I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

On to the baking!

Today I am baking brownies from a box.

Want to know how I bake such delicious good things from boxes?

It’s what I was taught in Home Economics in school.

No joke, we did muffins… from a box. Cookies… from a box. Mac and cheese…from the trusty KD box.

And that is all we did.


Until we get a tea cupboard for all of my teas, we don’t have room to keep flour and shit in the cupboards. So cooking from a box is all I can do!

And there is less of a chance that I can screw this up.


My chosen box brownies.

I want to make two boxes of these so I just have to double the recipe right?


So after pouring box of the mixes into the bowl, I realize that there is a lot of mix in this bowl.

Mixing this is not going to be fun.

So the eggs I’m using are all the way from when I made soupy Reese cupcakes. They expire on Friday, it’s a good thing I’m using them today!


I doubled the water and oil for the recipe.

You can use canola oil for this right?

Because my coconut oil is finally running out after 2 years of having it so I don’t want to use that.

Canola oil it is!

Oh thank God.

I don’t have to use my mixer!

It says to stir. Approximately 50 stokes. (It literally says that.)

So stir with a spoon?

Like this one?


Because that’s what I’m going to use!

50 strokes.

No problem.


I lost count.

Somewhere around 36. My phone dinged I lost count.

Damn it.

But wait.

I have to double the recipe.

So 100 strokes?

My arm is getting sore.

It was arm day at the gym.


Ok so I’m just giving up. The mix looks mixed to me and I don’t want to stir anymore.

Uh oh.

I’m supposed to grease and coat the bottom of an 8×8 pan with flour or something.

I don’t have any flour or grease!

Or a pan that is 8×8!


So I’m going to use parchment paper and our pan we cook chicken in.


Hmmm. I hope this works.

Ok, the batter is getting all over the parchment.


This doesn’t look right.

Do brownies rise like cake?

Will this get to tall?

I have no idea


I should have counted to 100.


So here’s what it looks like. I ┬ácut off the extra parchment with mix all over it and into the oven they go!

Wait a minute.

It gives me baking times for 8×8 and 9×9. What about my pan?

I’m going to put it in for 25 and go from there.

Ok so they aren’t done yet. The tooth pick is still covered in batter.

So back in for 5 minutes?

Sure why not.


They’re done!

Well, done enough.

Just a little bit on the bottom that didn’t come out clean.

But I don’t want them to burn.

12194379_10152975581085904_908893979_o 12180920_10152975580895904_1241056393_o

They look a little messed up and they didn’t rise!

Good to know.

Or else we would have had overflowing brownies on our hands.

I’ll let them cool off then cut them up and taste!

Holy, these are rich.

And maybe I should have left them in for a little bit longer. They’re falling apart!

Why do all of my baking adventures end up falling apart?


So they’re ok. They’d probably be better if I made them from scratch or put icing on them.

I have icing in the cupboard!

I’m too lazy to ice them now. Save it for another time.

Brownies for dessert!