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Cooking with Cassie – Easy Cherry Chip Cookies

Two Cooking with Cassie’s in less than a week?

Man, are you guys lucky.

Or rather, Matt and I are lucky because we get to eat said food.

Or maybe no one is lucky because Matt and I get to eat said food.

Yeah, it’s probably the last one.

Well, I finished everything that I wanted to do early today so I thought I would whip up some cookies. (I’m turning into a housewife. Yikes.)

But no one will catch me walking around my apartment in heels, an apron and pearls.

No one.

Anyway, I decided to make cookies out of the Cherry Chip Cake Batter I bought in the massive sale the other day.

I found a simple recipe on Pinterest to make any cake mix into cookies.

1 Box of Cake mix

1/2 of vegetable oil or canola oil

2 eggs


Then you mix everything up, let it chill in the fridge for an hour, then roll the batter into little balls on a cookie sheet and bake for 7-9 minutes.

Simple right?


Here’s what I need:


That’s all!

How awesome.

I can’t mess this up. Can I?

So now I add the mix.


Then the 2 eggs


No egg shell this time!

I’m on a roll!


Now the oil.


Just as I dumped the oil in there, I realized I could have used coconut oil.

…Ah well. So they might be a little worse for me. But hopefully they’ll taste good?

Now I mix it all up with my new beater.

I love this new beater. The little prong-thingy’s don’t keep a ton of batter on them so there’s more in the bowl to use. How clever.


Look! It’s kind of like a doughy texture!

I would have never thought of this by myself.

Who knew? Eggs and oil?

Ok, in to the fridge they go. For one hour.


…I guess I didn’t need to set the oven to 350. I got a little a head of myself there.

An hour had passed and the batter is thick!


My spoon stands up straight! Crazy.

Well I’ve spooned them onto the cookie sheet but I didn’t want to get my fingers dirty so they’re not really ‘ball’ shaped.


Ah well. It’s the taste that matters right?

Now they bake for 8 minutes. (There are two other batches I have to bake after this because I don’t have enough cookie sheets.)


So I put them in for an extra minute and look how fluffy they are!


Wow. They’re like little cakes!



Ok, wait a minute. By the time I put them on the cooling rack, they have shrunk!


What is this sorcery??

They are pretty good! They aren’t really cookie-texture and they kind of fall apart but they taste good!


So if you’re looking for an easy cookie recipe, this is the one for you!

And maybe yours will turn out actual cookie shaped and cookie texture.


I didn’t mess this one up though!

The cookie messed up. It’s their fault.