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Cooking with Cassie- Simple Sad Sandwich

So I decided to start off this segment with something simple. A grilled sandwich. Since Matthew (my husband) eats his lunches at work, we never really pick anything up for lunch here.

I got tired of eating our left over dinners for lunch (even though they are made by Matt and so delicious) or grabbing Tim Hortons for lunch (even though it’s SO CHEAP and who doesn’t like Timmy’s?), so I decided to be productive today!

Go to the store, get food for sandwiches. You can make those right?

So I start out with some semi-fancy multi grain bread (because that stuff is the best!) Now it’s not your yummy multigrain panini bread, but it will have to do. I’m on a budget.

I like a little mayo on my sandwiches. So I got one of those easy-squeaze bottles of mayo. Now I said a little right? I squeeze the bottle and now my sandwich is a MAYO SANDWICH. Yaaaayy. (I wish I had a sarcasm font.)

Matt and I just moved into a new apartment. Nice right? It really is. Only problem is, it has very tall kitchen cabinets. Now, I’m not short, but damn, these cabinets are tall. We had to get a step stool for me. ¬†And guess where Matt likes to keep his cutting boards? On the very top shelf. Even with a step stool it’s pretty hard to grab one without them all tumbling down and wreaking havoc on my skull.

I almost forgot to turn the stove on! It takes a long time to get hot so that would have been a disaster. (Not really, but I’m really hungry and want this sandwich to be done NOW).

I got black forest ham, my favourite! I only got 100 grams though… didn’t think that one through. I’m going to be done this before the week is over. Sigh. I also asked her to cut it thinly. Bad idea. It’s falling apart in my hands! No nice slices for Cassie.

It’s really hot in here. It’s at least 30 degrees outside so I can see why it’s hot in here. Especially with the stove on.




I’m doing the rest of this in my sports bra and short shorts.


I got 2 kinds of cheese for my fancy ass sandwich. Marble cheddar and havarti! I’ve never actually made a sandwich with havarti but Matt likes it so I’m trying it.


It is so freaking hot in here that it’s melting! At first I thought it was just the havarti, it’s kind of squishy but the marble is melting too! Lord, why is our AC not working???? It’s all over my hands (not while I type though, I cleaned them. No cheese on my laptop please.)

Finally, add spinach. I can’t screw that up thankfully.

… I accidentally put the sandwich on the pan without putting butter on it. God damn it. Matt always says “Make sure you put butter or oil in the pan before you use it!” and I always say “I know! I always do!”

I don’t. Sorry Matt.

Aaaaaaannnnnddd I burnt the one side of the sandwich. I only had it on for a minute! How does this happen so quickly??

The other side is burnt now too.




My sad little sandwich.

It’s super cheesy, mayo-y and burnt… but all in all, pretty good.

I may not be a top chef but at least I can feed myself!