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Cooking with Cassie – Soupy Reese Cupcakes!

So I decided to make some brownies with pumpkin cream cheese frosting this week.

Matt’s friends from the restaurant might be doing a Thanksgiving potluck for those of us with no family in the area to spend it with. And I thought I could bake something for the occasion!

But I wanted to try making it this week first.

Don’t want to poison the professional cooks.

So I went to the grocery store to get the baking supplies and GUESS WHAT?

All of the cake mixes and baking stuff were on sale.


I should have taken a photo…it was glorious.

I was a kid in a candy store. Or should I say, a kid in the baking store.

….That doesn’t work as well does it?

So I went into the store looking for brownie mix and pumpkin puree and came out with this:



And no pumpkin puree. Because they were all out.

But Matt wanted some cake (And let’s be honest, I did too) So I decided to make this:



So let’s start.

Pre-heat oven and put cupcake wrappers in cupcake tin.


Aren’t they pretty?

I didn’t screw up on that! Onto the next!

Stir cake mix, eggs, veggie oil and water in bowl.

I’m going to use coconut oil instead of veggie oil because no one tells me what to do.


I bought a giant jar of coconut oil at Costco more than two years ago and I still have this much left.

Ah coconut oil. My best friend.

I use it to take off my make up, oil pulling, as a moisturizer and cooking.

Maybe I’ll write a post about the wonders of coconut oil.




So while cracking the eggs, I might have gotten a little piece of shell in it… I tried to use that spoon to get it out but it brought and alas, it is gone.

So I’m sorry Matt if there is any egg-shell in your cupcake!

I mix it up with my new hand blender from my Aunt. Thanks Auntie Bernie!

After I mix everything up and scoop it into the wrappers (With only getting a little on the sides) It’s into the oven they go!



Now it’s time to make the peanut butter filling (Yes, that comes in the box!)

Aaaand I need butter.

I chose not to pick up butter from the grocery store because the brownies I was going to make didn’t need it.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter it is then!


Still tastes good though! Maybe I won’t screw anything up this time.

Now onto the chocolate frosting (Also in the box! What isn’t in this box… I do need some money for our honeymoon…)


Alas, no honeymoon money in the magic Reese box.



Frosting is all done! And there goes the timer for the cupcakes.


Yay! They look kind of good!


Except for this one, it looks like a walrus.

It will be my walrus cupcake.


While I’m waiting for the cupcakes to cool, I have to put the filling into this nifty piping bag THAT ALSO CAME IN THE BOX.

They really thought of everything!


DSC_0106 DSC_0104

I only slightly made a mess while doing this.

Matt also tells me after I start shoving the filling in, that it would be easier if I rolled down the sides. Less of a mess that way.

People really need to tell me these things before I attempt them.




Now I have cut off the tip of the piping bag and-


I didn’t even have time to think. I just shoved it into the first cupcake.


I think I’m doing this right?

Now onto the frosting.

It’s super thin.



It’s like frosting soup.

It was pretty easy to make this frosting soup.

I guess I’m really good at that. (Note to self, next time you want to make soup, just make frosting soup.)

DSC_0117 DSC_0116


Well, they are pretty deformed and soupy cupcakes. I’ll let them cool in the fridge and see if that helps.




Looks like the fridge didn’t help with the soupy-ness.



Well, despite the soupy frosting and the hunchback shape of them, these cupcakes are pretty good!

But I wish I could just bake something that looks somewhat satisfying.

Ah well. You win some and you lose some.

Haven’t found that egg-shell yet…