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Cooking with Cassie! – The Beginning

Now I am sure you are all wondering… when did I know that I had a talent for ruining everything I touch in the kitchen?

It started years and years ago… (insert flashback sound effects and lights here)Lines-and-Lights-HD-Wallpaper

(Flashback image….)

I was 14 (or 15, I can’t quite remember). But I do remember that I was home alone, sick. I had a fever so I like to blame my boiling head for what transpired that day.

My brothers birthday was the next day so I thought that I would be the best big sister ever and make him a cake. I had made a couple with my mom and grandma before so I didn’t think it would be too hard.

I looked through the pantry and the only cake mix we had was for an angel food cake. I’ve never made angel food cake before but my Grandma did it for Easter and Thanksgiving every year and obviously I am just as good of a baker as her right? (This lady makes home made cinnamon buns from her own recipe that puts Cinnabon to shame. I was way out of my league here.)

But of course, in my feverish state, I thought the making an angel food cake was a grand idea.

I pre heated the oven, (which made the kitchen even hotter, smart Cassie) and took out a mixing bowl. I put all of the ingredients in the bowl except for the water.

Now I don’t quite remember what the box read but I’m sure it was around 300ml of water.


I read 3 Litres.

For those of you who don’t know the metric system, 300ml is a little bit of water and 3L is a shit ton of water. You could probably bathe in 3 litters if you really tried.


But I had a fever, so get off my back.



I didn’t question it and added one litre into my mixing bowl. It nearly over flowed the bowl. Then I realized… that my bowl wasn’t big enough! So I got out one of out huge stainless steel bowls and poured everything into there instead.

I continued to add a second litre. It almost overflowed the bowl again.

I decided to not add another litre and mixed up my cake batter. The result was a huge, watery, slightly brown mess.

I poured my cake batter into 3 cake pans because it wouldn’t fit into one and put them into the oven.

I was so proud of myself. My brother was going to have a 3 layer cake for his birthday!

When the bake timer went off I checked on my cakes.

All that was left was burnt crust at the bottom of the pans. The water had evaporated from the pans and all that was left of my lovely birthday cake for my brother was a black, thin layer of crust.

I wish I had taken a picture of those cakes that day, it would have been so funny to look back on my first attempt at baking alone but alas, I had an old LG flip phone at the time which couldn’t even access the the internet, never mind having a camera.

burn pan


This is the closest picture I could find on google after searching “Burnt, evaporated, cake crust in a pan”. The rest of the pictures were pretty cakes and cake batter. I guess no one wants to document an evaporated cake from lack brain cells thinking that 300ml and 3 litres were the same thing.


So that is the story of the first time I realized that cooking wasn’t really my thing.  And that baking while having a raging fever probably isn’t the best thing do to.