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Cooking with Cassie- Too Much Meat

Ok so before I get to this episode of Cooking with Cassie I have to tell you all what happened to me in March…

I’ll be brief.

I caught to the flu, thought it was nothing (and might I say, the walk-in clinic doctor I saw also said it was nothing), I didn’t go to the hospital until it morphed into pneumonia. I got some antibiotics, they didn’t help, went back to the hospital, got more antibiotics, tricked myself into thinking I was getting better, (surprise, I wasn’t) then went back to the hospital and then they trapped me there.

Not really. I should have been admitted sooner, the pneumonia had taken over half of my right lung and almost half of my left. It was a little hard to breathe. (And by that, I mean that my oxygen levels were at 75%)

In the end, I spent a week there getting every kind of test done on me until they finally let me go home.

It took me a month to be able to dance and sing again and I’m still dealing with the repercussions of it. (I have an inhaler now.)

…That wasn’t so brief. And probably not so relevant except that I was cooking at a slower pace than normal due to my lack of oxygen.


While I was recovering, I decided to make dinner for my fiancé because he took care of me so well and it was the least I could do to repay him. (In hindsight, I should have just ordered him a pizza.)

So this is my Cooking with Cassie functioning at 85%!

Commence flashback lights and crap:



(This will now be my official FLASHBACK! Image)

Today I cooked my first dinner since getting sick 3 weeks ago. (Actually, I don’t remember the last time I cooked dinner… Love you Matthew!)

It only took me 20 minutes to chop up 6 peppers. A record-breaking time! (Seriously, it usually takes me 45 minutes to cut up peppers, I can’t walk very fast nowadays…go me!)

I went to Costco (another huge accomplishment for me, that place is HUGE! And traffic in Toronto? A nightmare.) and bought some ground beef. And you know Costco, everything is in bulk! So this wasn’t a little bit of ground beef you get from the local grocery store… I’m talking 3 huge things of ground beef.

ground beef


You get three of these babies! IT’S A LOT OF MEAT.

Anyway, being the genius that I am, I decided to cook them all at once. (Don’t want any raw meat going bad. Knowing me, I’d probably still cook it up and feed it to Matt…Sorry Matt…)

Only problem with cooking up all this meat is that it took up the whole pan. No joke. It went right to the top.

And do you know how long it takes to cook that much ground beef??? FOREVER.

We are going to be eating this pasta sauce for weeks.

When we run out of pasta noodles, we will still be eating this sauce.

When the country runs out of pasta noodles, we will still be eating this sauce.

I am going to get sick of eating this sauce.

So after what was close to an hour and the beef was finally cooked, I had to take half of the meat out so I could fit some of the veggies and marinara sauce in.

You know, at least we won’t have to pay for dinner for the next two weeks! Saving money! Yay!

It took forever to cook up the sauce and guess what? I forgot to turn the burner on for the noodles. Go me. At least I didn’t burn them this time!

Let’s just say that it took me 2 hours to make pasta. You know how long the cooking time says on the pre cooked pasta boxes? 8 minutes.

I really should have just ordered a pizza.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to go along with this catastrophe because I wrote some of these Cooking with Cassie episodes before I decided that pictures would be a hilarious addition to these stories.

Sorry guys.

At least it tasted good. I bet it was all that meat.