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Paint Nite – The Second Round

So this Thanksgiving weekend has been very quiet and relaxing for Matt and I.

Which is great!

But I wanted to do something fun and actually go on a date with husband. (Say whaaaaat?)

So I decided that we were going to go to a Paint Nite!

Now Matthew doesn’t believe he’s creative at all. (And to a point, he is right!)

But I think he did really well painting for his first time.

I originally picked a Paint Nite at Shoeless Joe’s on King because it’s close to where we live. (We could save money by walking!)

But unfortunately, the Jay’s had a game last night and Joe’s wanted the space for people to go see the game. (Boo)

Good thing is, the Jays won! Woo!


So Paint Nite switched the location and ended up needing to do TWO paintings at the location because another bar had the same idea as Shoeless Joe’s.

Bad thing: we had to take transit.

Good thing: we could choose between the 2 paintings!

So of course, I stuck with my swirly love birds that I originally picked and Mat decided to do the tree with a tire swing. (He thought it would be easier and manlier.)

We ended up going to Bar Italia for our Paint Nite. It’s a beautiful bar and has an upstairs space that you can rent. And it has italian food! Yum! Check them out here!

Our artist for the night was John and he was great. It was obviously a lot of work going from one painting to the other but he did it well!

I didn’t take pictures of Matt’s painting in stages because he hates getting his picture taken (and I guess that includes his paintings?) so I just took pictures of mine.

We first did a big yellow circle.


I know, hard right?

Then we added red around it.


We overlapped some yellow on top of it to crate orange. Ooooo mixing!


After adding some white and covering the entire canvas, we added dark red to the corners then light blue to the bottom. It kind of created a purple shade! Which I was totally fine with. (I LOVE PURPLE)

Then after letting is dry for a few minutes, we went on to add the birds and vines.

I was terrified of doing the birds. And I kind of messed them up at first. But you know whats the best thing about paint? You can just go over it. I made my little birds bigger and covered up my mistake.

Just like Bob Ross. You make a mistake? Then it becomes a bird. Or a happy tree.

Then we added some black to the bottom and some white dots for the cherry blossoms…


Et Viola!

My swirly love birds!

Pretty good if I say so myself.


And this is Matt’s!

Very stylized.

John also gave us another voucher to go to another Paint Nite BlackHawkDown for $20 off!


As I’ve said before, Paint Nite is not about doing exactly what the artist does, it’s about doing your own thing.

John also said something very interesting. “This is NOT a paint class. This is about having fun.”

Very true.

It’s also a great date night idea.

I can’t wait to hang these up!

If I keep doing these, our entire apartment is going to be filled with paintings… I’ll have to take a picture and show you guys sometime.

Seriously guys, go to one! So relaxing and fun, even Matt could do it!

Paint Nite!

Paint Nite Fun!

So it’s been a busy week for me! I started working (Yay money!) And my cousin came in to the city to see to see me and Taylor Swift. (But let’s be real, I’m way more exciting than T-Swift.)

We’ve been planing this weekend for a while and I have to say, it was a huge success!

One of the things we planned was going to Paint Nite.

What is Paint Nite you ask?

It’s an event where you go to a restaurant, order drinks and follow step by step instructions on creating a beautiful painting!

I have had a lot of friends go to these events and their pictures are all over Facebook. And all of their paintings look SO GOOD. (And some of these friends are faaaaar from being imaginative, haha)

So since I am creative, masterful artist, I needed to try one out. (Just kidding, I haven’t painted since I was 14. But I was pretty good at it!)

I picked one event where the painting looked a lot like the floating lanterns in Disney’s Tangled. (Rapunzel) It was purple and gold as so pretty 😀 Also, the restaurant wasn’t too far from my place. (We could walk!)

But unfortunately, not enough people signed up for it 🙁 Who wouldn’t want to have a painting that looks like Rapunzel’s Castle???

So Paint Nite was awesome enough to let me switch our reservation to another event on the same day.

So on Saturday, my friend Sarah, my cousin Kristen, and I braved the cold, windy weather to go painting at Richtree Market.

It was only the afternoon (yes, they have afternoon sessions too!) so I only ended up getting an orange juice and a very tasty muffin. (We had a big dinner to go to that night so we didn’t want to spoil it.) But you could get beer and wine if you wanted to be a little more “uninhibited” in your painting style.

Our artist’s name was Julie and she was AMAZING.

She made a joke every 5 minutes and made sure we understood that we were free to do whatever we wanted with our paintings. (Want to paint a white line across the canvas and spend the rest of the time drinking? Sure! Did you want to paint a dinosaur where the people were supposed to be? That’s awesome!)

I have to say, I was SO tempted to paint a T-Rex in the middle of my park.

She brought us through every step of the painting, showing us different ways to use the brushes and what would give us the best outcome.


It started with a white canvas and some paint.


Then we painted 2/3 of the canvas a light blue (She showed us how to make certain colours too) and the bottom black.


Make sure you paint the sides too!


This was the hard part, painting the people. She showed us how to paint them as well and encouraged us to paint whatever we wanted. I decided to add a puppy. (Because I want a puppy. HINT HINT MATTHEW)

We also started the trees by painting spots of a darker blue.

I should have taken more pictures of the transformation with all of the spots I did. But once you start this process, you don’t want to stop! Seriously, Julie’s helper kept coming by to tell me, “That’s enough.”


It is really relaxing.


This is half through my spots and we added “land” to the black part. Looking good right?


Et Voila! Once you add some trees (And a few chubby street lamps on my part.) you have a beautiful painting! I chose to do more purple colours because I LOVE purple.


This is how it’s “supposed” to look. Again, Julie encouraged us for it to not look like hers. Make it yours! Also, if you use the voucher code Julie20, you get 20 dollars off your Paint Nite ticket!

That’s another thing I love about Paint Nite, they are always giving out voucher codes so it’s more affordable for people to go. (It also means they have more people going to their events!)

Paint nite

Sarah on the left, me in the middle and Kristen on the right. Flattering picture right? We were very serious about our paintings. (As you can tell. blood sweat and tears went into these.) But look how different all of ours are!


Yay Paint Nite! We did it!

Silly Kristen.

After spending 2 hours creating our lovely paintings, we got outside and it was RAINING.


We were walking home!

So we tilted our paintings away from the rain so it was hitting the back and ran home. We didn’t even care about us and if we looked like drowned rats, the mission was to get home without ruining our paintings. We did get some compliments on our paintings as we made our way home!


We did it! Back home safe and sound. We can always fix our hair and clothes, but we can’t fix our art!

Now I’m addicted to Paint Nite. It’s so relaxing and when you’re done, you feel so proud of what you accomplished. And anyone can do it!

You do have to be over the age of majority to attend. (Drinks are encouraged, remember!) But don’t be afraid that you’re not a great artist or have never painted in your life. You will walk out with something that is uniquely yours.

They also provide different levels of paintings. (Easy, moderate and hard) So if it’s your first time, maybe pick one that is easy.

This is also a good idea for part of a Bachlorette party! We were sitting by one and they were having lots of fun.

If you want to attend a Paint Nite click Here! You can choose different locations so see if there is one close to you if you do not live in Toronto.

Also! I got my tickets on LivingSocial so they were cheaper than the regular price. If that intrigues you click Here!

I’m going to try an evening session next time I go and see how my painting style differs once I have a few drinks. (Maybe it might get better! Or worse! Who cares!)

I encourage you to try Paint Nite at least once. And if you don’t like it, then you are crazy.

That is all.