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The Little Town of Wawa (Yes, that’s right. Wawa)

Sorry about the lack of posts lately friends.

My Grandmother got really sick earlier this week so I dropped everything and got on a plane to northern Ontario to see her. And there is not much in the way of WiFi or cell service in the little town of Wawa.

It may be a small, run down town, but man, do they have some talented people who live here.



First on this talented list is my cousin Kristen (I may be biased, but she can see the beauty in the most common grey rock and capture it with her camera.)

She does everything from weddings, portraits, landscapes, maternity to even head shots. (Guess where I had mine done?) If you want a picture of something and have it look amazing, she can do it.


Lake louise

Kristen photo

Amazing right? And these are just a few of her best work.

You can find her Facebook page Here and her new photography page Here She’s still getting that page up and going so be patient!



Next on the list is Tracy. She is the go-to cake maker in Wawa.

Now I’m sure you all have a bakery you go o in town to get your fix of cakes but let me tell you, this lady can beat them all.

Not only are they beautiful, they are delicious!

Cake 3

Cake 4

This is my nieces birthday cake. Not bad for a 3-year-old right?

mystery machine

And who wouldn’t want a Mystery Machine Birthday cake? (I WANT ONE SO BAD.)

Raimbow 2


This is my other nieces Birthday Cake. So cool right??

Pretty much all of my nieces birthday cakes have been made by her and have looked just as good as the ones above.

If you want to see more of her cakes check out her page Here!


Next on the list is Tara. (Lashes by Tara)

I’m usually not one for getting something like my lashes done but Kristen had her done before my wedding and man oh man. I wish I had mine done for the wedding too.

I picked her up from the airport and the first thing I though was, “Why does she look like a model coming off of a plane? I wear my sweat pants.”

Her eyelashes were so long (but not weirdly long) and looked perfect. And all she had on was a bit of eyeliner on the outer corners of her eyes!

She also didn’t need to do much at all when we were getting ready for the wedding. (She actually helped Melissa and I do our make up because she had so much time.)

And now, seeing her three weeks later, they still look perfect.

So I thought, “I’m going to get some!”

Then I looked at the prices in Toronto for a set thought: “Nevermind!”

So when I got to Wawa this past week, I decided I might as well get some!


And I love them. I haven’t worn make up since I got them done!

She does every eyelash separately, so they look real, unlike some salons out there that just glue a bunch on.

She does her work at the Chick and Swell Salon in Wawa, check her out!


Another talented person in Wawa is Spike Mills. He carves art out of wood. He focuses on Gitchee Goomee’s and the wonders of Lake Superior. If you walk around Wawa, you will see his work everywhere.

For years I would go to Wawa and wonder where all of these art pieces were from that were around town.  Little did I know that it was Spike Mill’s who also teaches Wado Kai to my cousin. Man of many talents!


This is just one of his pieces at the Wawa arena.


This is actually in my cousin’s house! It is Lake Superior!

If you want to see more of his work, check out his Facebook page Here


The Fall Fair was on in Wawa while I was there. So I had to check that out right?

There were tons of vendors there! There were people selling home-baked goods (YUM), hand knit or crocheted clothes and accessories, hand-made jewellery, vitamins, vintage clothing, a twist on the Beaver Tail (YUM), and fresh vegetables and fruit. (I had a peach and it was SO GOOD.)


I swear, the whole town must have been there that day. It was so cool.





One thing I’ve noticed after making these photos bigger is that my aunt and uncle seem to have gotten in almost all of them somehow… I’ve become their personal photographer.


There was one booth there I particularly drawn to while I was there (It was teal and had sparkly things on it… I couldn’t help myself.)

It was Christy Reid’s Origami Owl booth.



I had never heard of Origami Owl, but I had seen some women around Wawa and Toronto wearing this jewellery.

You can customize your own jewellery and add charms to mark special moments in your life or just create something that says YOU.

It’s also a great gift giver! Lots of Brides are giving these to their wedding party as their gift.

It’s kind of like Pandora, except it is way more affordable. You can make bracelets, watches, necklaces, lanyard’s, and you can even get beautiful earrings! As well, a lot of their charms and lockets have Swarovski crystals. (I ordered a locket with crystals on it, I can’t wait to get it!)



The possibilities of making this jewellery unique to you is endless.

Best of all, Christy was so helpful and kind and had answers to all of my questions. Even when I was back in Toronto!

I’ll have to post a picture of my locket when it comes in, I just ordered it today. I can’t wait!

If you want to order some for yourself, or for friend or family member, go to her online shop Here!


These are just a few of the wonderful people of Wawa, Ontario that I know about. (And I don’t even live there!) There are way more that I hope to meet.

On top of the great people in this town, the scenery is hard to beat. It’s right on Wawa Lake and right next to Lake Superior. It surrounded by trees and nature and the air is SO fresh compared to the air in Toronto.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach, photo by Kristen Sabourin Photography

Wawa Lake

Wawa Lake

Wawa is probably my favourite little town in the whole world.