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Good Looking Men in Good Looking Suits

Ok here’s one for the men.

Sort of.

Actually it’s more for the ladies because who doesn’t love a man in a good-looking suit that fits him to a T?

As I’ve written in previous posts, my husband is 6 feet, 4 inches and skinnier than me.

No joke. He can eat twice his body weight and lose weight while doing it. How? Don’t ask me. His favourite past times are cooking, eating, video games, cars, and more eating. No time for working out. (To be fair he does work super long hours because he is a workaholic. But his workplace is AWESOME so I don’t mind.)


Finding him clothes that fit him are a constant struggle. Clothing stores seem to think that if you are super tall, then you must be super wide because all of his shirts could fit himself and me in them. But if we go down even one size smaller, then he will be revealing his stomach for the world to see every time he scratches his head. (But if any of you know good places to get him some nice looking clothes for not an outrageous amount of money, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.)

So finding a suit that fits him perfectly? Expensive, unheard of and not going to happen. 

But he needed a suit for the wedding and I wanted all of the groomsmen to match so I dragged them to Moores to see what they had for rental suits.

We decided on a charcoal suit that seemed nice in the photo. But because they didn’t have the suit in stock for them to try on there, they just put them in other suits, pants, etc. to figure out what sizes they needed.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cost too. It wasn’t a crazy amount and the people helping us were very kind and gave us a deal because we had a Moores membership.

But until a week before the wedding, I kind of forgot about the suits. I’d never seen them on the guys so I wasn’t super stoked about them like I was with the bridesmaids dresses. (Still so proud of myself on that one.)

So once Matt and I arrived in Calgary 5 days before our wedding, we had to go try his suit on and pick it up.

To be honest, I was dreading it.

Going shopping with Matt is so disappointing sometimes, because it’s not fair that we would have to get all of his clothes tailored in order for them to fit properly. So I didn’t want this suit to be another thing we needed tailored.

But when he walked out of the dressing room, my jaw dropped.


And it looked good!

He didn’t have the whole thing on, just the shirt, pants and jacket to make sure they fit. WHICH THEY DID!

He looked great.

But I didn’t even know how much better things were going to get until the day of the wedding.



This is them trying to figure out how to attach everything. Hee hee

But just wait….




My man cleans up nicely.

For a guy who really doesn’t care what he looks like, he looked a freaking model that day.

Actually, all of the guys did:



What did I tell you? Good looking group of people in my wedding party.


These suits were SOFT.

Like, so soft.

I may or may not have nuzzled my face into it quite frequently and petted it every 5 minutes.

They were also comfy. (So says the guys… And the girls. It was cold out!)

Matt’s brother (and best man) actually didn’t want to take his off and give it back. He was in love with it. (As we all were.)

I mean, you always think that it’s the bride and her dress that outshine everyone at a wedding but I was happy to be just another part of this amazing group.

My dress, the girls dresses and these suits. Nothing was better.

So if you’re looking for some nice suits for your wedding, check out Moores Vera Wang Two Button in Grey here.


Eight cheers for Moores!

So Matt and I are going to see how much it is to buy this super sexy suit and maybe splurge a little on him because he deserves it. Not because I want to stand next to him saying “Look! This belongs to me! He’s mine!”

Ok, maybe I want to do that a little.

But there is really nothing better than a well dressed man in a good-looking suit.