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Wedding Day!

I’m sure for most of you out there, you imagine your wedding day to be a beautiful, magical day with nothing going wrong at all.

For me, it was a beautiful magical day. But you can never really have a wedding with nothing going wrong.

Now, before I get to the actual wedding day, I have to tell you about what was going on in my life the week before.

I was finishing up my last term at school and we were in a production of “Spring Awakening”. It was so much fun but left me very tired every day. My last show was on August 8th, graduation was on August 9th, I left for Calgary early on the 10th and my wedding was on the 15th.

Crazy right?

I was kicking myself in the ass for thinking it would be a good idea.

My stress levels were through the roof the two weeks coming up to the wedding. My brain was going into overdrive. But I couldn’t even focus on the wedding because I wanted to focus on the show first.

Once I got back to Calgary, one of the first things I did was try on my dress. And guess what?


*Note my other post about getting the dress a size bigger.

At this point I was so disappointed in myself. I had been going to the gym for an hour and a half every day and I had been eating nothing but clean foods. I was feeling great so I thought my dress would fit no problem. All of my other clothes were fitting better so why not my dress?

I decided to go on a smoothie cleanse. (With a small meal of protein and veggies for lunch)

And after I made myself a smoothie, I thought “It’s ok, I’ll fit into my dress after a few days of smoothies and working out more”. I felt unnaturally calm. Like, really calm. It had been months since I’d been that calm and my wedding dress didn’t fit!

On Wednesday night I put my dress back on after extreme dieting and working out for 3 days and it was still too tight. But then I realized…

It was only tight in my ribs.

How can it be tight in my ribs?

I’ve never gained any weight in my ribs

And I couldn’t lose anymore… there is literally nothing there except for skin and bone. (And lungs, but unless I want to remove a lung and a few other vital organs, this dress wasn’t going to fit)

But how could it be too tight in my ribs when the one at the store was the same size as mine and it fit perfectly?

The one at the store was stretched out.

We contacted the dress shop immediately and they gave their seamstress a call saying that it was urgent.

(While all of this was going on, I was still calm…almost really happy? It was strange.)

I finally got my dress back from the seamstress on Friday afternoon (the day before the wedding) and it fit perfectly! (My dress had an extra panel sown into it so all they had to do was take out a bit of it so I could breathe.)


I ¬†also had an appointment with my nautropath. (My immune system is shitty so she helps me get back on track with it :D) She had me do a test where she checks the levels of all my vital organs. All of my organs were doing fine except for my adrenal glands. They were super low. She laughed and said “Well either you’re just really calm right now or your body has been so stressed lately that it’s gone into shut down mode.”

Can that actually happen? I guess it can.

Because here is how my wedding day went:

The rehearsal dinner the day before was beautiful. The weather was great (it rained for a bit but cleared up just as we were ready for the rehearsal.) The ceremony was happening in my childhood friends backyard. So rain was unwelcome at my wedding.

But guess what happened that night?

Rain. Thunder storms. Lightening. Wind. Everything short of hail.

And it didn’t stop.

I got up the next morning it was foggy and slightly raining. I went to the hairdressers.

But back home, things were blowing up. Not literally of course. But I was told by my bridesmaids that everyone was freaking out.

“We have to go to plan B!” (The ceremony would be at the reception hall)

“Cassie is going to freak out!”

“WHAT ABOUT THE FLOWERS?” (There were so…SO SO many flowers at my wedding. My mom and the people hosting the ceremony had flowers in every square inch of the backyard)

And what was I worried about?

“I really want a bravissimo tea from David’s Tea. My throat is a little sore.”


“What about the rain?”

“Oh well, we have a back up plan. Where is my tea?”

When my bridesmaids, mother, and friends came into the hairdressers to get their hair done, they were all very wary of my reaction to the weather. And all I wanted is my damn tea.

Guess what? I never got it.

not impressed


Not impressed.

Onto the ceremony:

It was a half hour before the ceremony started and the rain wasn’t letting up so my dad gathered an army of helpers to bring over all of the chairs we rented and most of the flowers to the clubhouse where the reception would be. (Luckily it was only 5 minutes away from the original ceremony site)

I was still really calm about everything. I got into my dress, and headed over to the clubhouse. All of my bridesmaids were so nervous before we were going to walk down the isle.

“What if I forget how to walk?”

“Oh my God, this is actually happening!”

“Cassie is getting married!”

Then they looked back at me:

“I’m kind of thirsty.”

I was so SO calm.

Now before I enter to walk down the isle, I had my parents entering before me so they could wait for me. (To make it an even more grand entrance)

And what happens when my mom makes her entrance? She falls. And not just a little. Right to the floor kind of fall.

But that’s my mom. She decided to wear 3 inch heels after not being able to wear heels for a year and a half due to an injury and (as my friend Callie put it) she made her entrance as if she were entering with the Beauxbatons from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (She was a bit of a bridezilla).

And of course, the whole entrance was thrown off. Everyone was gasping and I ran in (in my 4 inch heels to boot) to make sure she was ok. My bridal party was trying so hard not to laugh but failing miserably.

Once we get to the front, my dad says “Good luck!” to Matt. Everyone laughed at that as well. (I’m not that much of a hassle am I?)

Matt and I faced the officiant and she starts her speech:

“Like a tapestry, woven with two threads…”

All I could think was “Huh, this isn’t the speech we chose. Ah well” I went along with it. Still so calm.

But guess what!? We rocked our vows we wrote for each other! Point us!


Then we got to the rings. We didn’t go through in length what happens with the rings the night before and to be honest, I was a little zoned out. (A little to calm at this point)

After Matt put my ring on, I reached to get his ring from Melissa, who kind of zoned out too and spastically shoved the ring at me.

But I guess it wasn’t even time for his ring yet! Oops!

Then Matt stepped on my dress while we were walking to the signing table.

Then… to top it all off (This might be my favourite part) we were introduced, and waited for our music to begin, signalling the end of the ceremony and a joyous skip back down the isle.

But there was no music.

They forgot to plug in my iPod to the stereo!

So we grinned and walked down the isle in silence, laughing about how ridiculous the whole thing was.

So maybe my body was in shut down mode or maybe I was so happy to marry the man of my dreams that nothing could bring me down, but our ceremony was exactly how I wanted it to be. Sweet, calm, and hilarious.

So really, there is no such thing as a wedding that runs smoothly.


But I forgot one more little thing…


My mom rapped at the reception.

She wrote a rap and rapped at the reception.

And she tried to get everyone else to join in.

Audience participation.

No lie.

Mom raps.



My face during the rap




If a parent ever takes the microphone at a wedding you are attending and say they are going to rap… help a friend out. Tackle them to the ground, grab the mic and run for it.

No mom raps.

Cassie out.

*Drops the mic*