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A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Or Happy Holidays.

Whatever your holiday is at this time, I hope it was amazing!

Matthew and I spent our Christmas in Toronto this year. I only had a few days off from work this year and tickets to Calgary are expensive!

So it was just Matt and I this Christmas for our first Christmas together as a married couple.

And even though it was just the two of us, we certainly had a great time!

Our tree went up the first week of December:


Decorated with our favourite colours, red and purple!

I love our tree. There is something so soothing about sitting by the tree at night with just the tree on while listening to Christmas music.


On the night before Christmas (hahaha see what I did there?) we watched the best Christmas movie ever.


Ok, not a Christmas movie, but we wanted something different this Christmas eve.

I was so excited to go to bed and wake up in the morning. (And not just for Santa, haha).

I couldn’t wait for Matt to open his Christmas gifts! I think I picked up the best gifts for him this year ūüėÄ

We woke up fairly early Christmas morning (we both have been waking up early lately so this was nothing new except that it was CHRISTMAS!) and made breakfast!

Pillsbury Strawberry Turnovers!



Matt helped me make them. That’s why they aren’t burnt.

But he let me ice them!


I started with the ones on the bottom and made it look all pretty then quickly ran out of icing and had to get creative with the rest… Can I do anything right in the kitchen?

They were really yummy though.

Opening gifts with Matt was fun, we got stockings filled with socks (you know you’re becoming an adult when you’re excited about getting socks for Christmas) and I got 3 new scarves!


This scarf is from and Matt and my mom got me that pretty headband! Well done to both. I love sparkles.



I also got two new giant mugs so I can make giant matcha latte’s with. YAY MATCHA!


When Matt started opening up my gifts, I told him that I was giving him a Star Wars Christmas. (Que excited Matt here)


I got him a Start Wars watch, a Darth Vader Mug, a POP! Darth Vader, a Darth Vader alarm clock and the new BB-8 droid! (Can you tell his favourite character is Darth Vader?)

I think I nailed it on the head! He spent most of the rest of the day playing with BB-8. He’s so cute! He runs around and checks things out and you can talk to him and give him commands.

After we did gifts, we turned on the TV and found out that the Comedy network was doing a marathon of The Big Bang Theory so we kept that on in the background the rest of the day.

We are such nerds.

I love us.

After watching an episode or two I realized we didn’t have any dessert for after dinner!

So I decided to bake Red Velvet Cupcakes.

On a whim.

Because I’m spontaneous like that.


From the box. Of course.

I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil because I find it makes the cupcakes lighter.

And I had no vegetable oil.


And guess what??

They turned out ok!


Look at that pretty cupcake!

Now, all of them didn’t turn out as pretty as this one, but they all tasted good so I’m counting that as a victory.

I also helped Matt make dinner!

And by help I mean I peeled the sweet potatoes, cut them and mashed them with brown sugar and nutmeg.

So I did the sweet potatoes.

Matt did the potatoes, carrots, green beans, gravy, and roast beef.


But I still helped!

And friends, when I say that this dinner was delicious, it was TO DIE FOR.


I mean, it was so good that all we could talk about for the last few days is how good dinner was.

Matt put garlic and onion powder into the mashed potatoes and he cooked the beef “low and slow” and gave it a lot of “love”. IT WAS SO GOOD.

We should all give our meat some love.

I wish there was a way I could let you all taste it.

The people who run the internet should get on that. (Tasting the internet!)

We had white wine and rum all night. (Or maybe Matt had one glass of wine and I had the rest of the bottle… but who’s counting?)

So that was our low-key Christmas.

We watched Big Bang for hours, made a kick ass meal, delicious cupcakes, drank alcohol, played with BB-8 and cuddled on the couch.

Even though we wished we were home or in Wawa with our families, we had a great day together and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

Because I love him.

And Christmas is about being with the ones you love right?



Que. cute Who’s singing that Christmas song around the Christmas tree at the end of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Cassie’s Gift Guide: Need Some Help Thinking of Gifts?

There is a lot of things to love about Christmas.

The loving feelings you get from everyone you meet.

The beautiful decorations everywhere you go.

The massive amounts of chocolate that people are practically shoving down your throat.

I really love the chocolate.

Maybe a little too much.

But I digress.

My favourite thing about the Christmas season is giving gifts.

Yes that’s right.


Now you’re thinking “Man, she is just so righteous and full of herself.”


I just realized I say I LOVE IT a lot. That’s something I should work on.

But I digress.

I have always loved picking out gifts for people. And wrapping them. And finding out that I was spot on about what I got them.

When I lived in Calgary with my parents, I was the shopper.

Pretty much when I got my license to drive, my mom gave me a list of people to get Christmas gifts for, a price for each of them, and sent me on my merry way. (She also gave me grocery lists and sent me on my merry way.)


It meant that I could make lists.


Oh man I need to work on that.

I would write out every name and a list of possible things that they would like and where to go.

Then I would begin the hunt.

Sometimes I would end up getting the person the gift I thought of right away and sometimes I would find something even better for them.

It’s all about making it personal.

Knowing the person.

Or at least, what kind of person they are.

Take my brother for example.

Years ago, he was really into video games. (Now he’s super into working out and his arms are bigger than my head. ¬†Last time I got a hug from him, he not only lifted me off the ground, he may have popped my ribs back in place.)

If I knew what game he was lusting after, that would be an easy purchase. If not, I’d get him something small like a new pair of snowboarding gloves or a new remote controller, then I would get him a gift card to Best Buy or other gaming stores so he can pick our the game the wants. (Then of course, you wrap it up nicely.)



I think my favourite gift idea I have given so far was to my parents a few years ago.

My dad doesn’t really do gifts.

He likes getting coffee, or a new shirt or two but if you get him anything else, he usually returns it.

He doesn’t really NEED anything.

So he’s pretty hard to shop for.

And my mom is a boxing day baby. So that means I have to get her a Christmas present AND a birthday present.

So one year I decided to do something completely different.

There is a website where you can purchase land in Scotland so that it can remain a nature reserve. And what do you get in return?

The legal rights to call yourself a Lord or Lady.

For real, you can change your passport and everything.

The website is called Highland Titles and I decided that I would help preserve the land of Scotland, and make my parents a Lord and Lady of Glencoe.

I got them both a certificate, but chose to get my dad a card that he can carry in his wallet to show people. (I thought he’d have fun showing it off.)

When it came to Christmas day, I was beside myself to give these to my parents. (I didn’t care about the gifts that I got, I kept asking them to just SIT DOWN so I could give them their gifts.)

And they loved it!

Funniest thing was, my mom really took to it more than my dad.

She told the kids in her class (she teaches elementary music) that they had to call her “Lady Clifford” from then on and they actually do it!

I should have got her the card to put in her wallet. She’d be taking out that thing every hour.

My dad liked it too but he doesn’t bring it up as much as my mom. (He did look up his plot of land and hopes to visit it next time he’s in Scotland!)


Lady Clifford everyone.

(I also got her a birthday present as well. No need to worry folks.)

So if you’re looking for an unconventional gift and want to help preserve nature from being turned into a concrete jungle, have a look at¬†Highland Titles.

So to get to the point of this post, I thought I could help thinking of gifts for some of you not-so-creative-in-the-gift-giving department.

I’ll be putting these out in segments, that way you can just click the category your person falls under to see some gift ideas.

I hope they help!

First up, Gifts for Techies and Gamers!

*Featured image is by Kristen Sabourin Photography